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Re: First Three Temples in Twilight Princess

Originally Posted by n0va View Post
I do believe that the forest temple might of been the deku tree. Think about it; he pretty much died, and nothing shows that there was a great deku sprout in the child timeline, so i figure the deku tree decomposed over time which is why the kokiri aren't around any longer.
As in my previous post, I bring up the issue of how there is a giant tree tower over the Faron Woods in Skyward Sword, but your theory implies it disappeared and was replaced by a giant dead Deku Tree who should be in Kokiri Forest and not Faron Woods. We see the Faron Woods and a giant tree in Skyward Sword, but the Kokiri are absent. We see the Kokiri Forest and the Kokiri in Ocarina of Time. Then we seethe Faron Woods and giant tree in Twilight Princess, but the Kokiri are absent again. I think the most reasonable and logical solution is that we simply don't see the Kokiri Forest in Twilight Princess, nor do we see it in Skyward Sword. We know that that entire area is forbidden and secreted away, but the Faron Woods has never been hidden or secreted away unless we're to believe it went from public and changed its name to being public and changing its named back again.

In the same general location as to the Kokiri Forest and Faron Woods, there is the Minish Woods. Ultimately, where will that fall into the overall map? I think the simple case is that Hyrule has multiple forests located in the south. But again, as we see in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, the Faron Woods has a non-living giant tree towering above the rest of the woods and it's a public, non-magical place. But the Kokiri Forest is, like I said, a very magical place and secreted away place. It's forbidden and few can access it without becoming a Stalfos. This wasn't the case, quite the opposite, with the Faron Woods both before and after Ocarina of Time. So it seems we simply don't see the Kokiri in Twilight Princess because, like many locations in Hyrule, it wasn't accesible in that game. For example, where was it in The Minish Cap? We just got the Minish Woods in its general location, but no one seems to question their absence in that game, just in Twilight Princess.

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