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Re: First Three Temples in Twilight Princess

I actually agree with 'Her grace' about the mines.

Those mines looked to be nothing more than mines, as they are dubbed. And, yes, you don't exactly go in death mountain like in OOT.

The forest, however, I am not so sure about... It is pretty far fetched for the tree you walk into on the outside of the temple to be the Deku tree, but saying it needs to be hidden along with the kokiri doesn't have to be true.
Who is to say the Deku trees haven't stopped resprouting and the kokiri stopped reoccuring along with it? Hyrule's geography changes constantly along with the beings within it. Kokiri were very hidden and secluded so no one would know if they died out or not let alone raise a fuss over it. The Zora's and Gorons are reasonable to stick around, to me anyway.

But, we don't really explore all of the forest and can't know for sure. Plus it's a tad bold of me to assume an entire race vanished like that, seeing how on the adult timeline they survive a flood.
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