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Re: First Three Temples in Twilight Princess

While I do think the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess is most likely the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time, seeing as the likeliness of there being two temples co-existing under the same lake is a bit far-fetched, I don't think the Goron Mines is the Fire Temple or that the Deku Tree is the Forest Temple for their own reasons.

The Fire Temple is located within the very top of the creater of Death Mountain, whereas the Goron Mines are located near the bottom of the mountain. Likewise, we don't actually go to Death Mountain, let alone its crater, in Twilight Princess. We only ever get to stay on its very outskirts near its surface and see it in the background. The mountain itself along with its crater are inaccessible seeing as it's turned into a huge ball of lava. The Fire Temple was mostly a physically built temple-like structure, whereas the Goron Mines were just that: mines with hardly any building structure.

The Great Deku Tree is located deep within the sacred Kokiri Forest, a hidden and frobidden place that few or none can find, but the Forest Temple is casually in the Faron Woods that anyone can access. Evidentially, the Faron Woods is also non-magical and ordinary, whereas Kokiri Forest has glowing particles flying around everywhere and it's very isolated. In Skyward Sword, we see a huge tree towering over the Faron Woods and it can be seen from a distance towering over the rest of the woods. It has lots of water inside it. In Twilight Princess, when viewed from a distance, the Forest Temple is a huge tree towering over the entire Faron Woods. It has a lake at its very depths.

So while I agree that the Lakebed Temple is likely the Water Temple because there co-existence at the same lake clashes, the location of the the other two don't fit. It's the bottom surrounding area vs. the crater of Death Mountain and deep within the hidden Kokiri Forest vs. the very public and open Faron Woods. I do think the Great Tree = Forest Temple is likely, seeing as they can't really co-exist without there being two giant trees towering over the woods. Since we only ever see one, they're likely the same gigantic tree that towers of the woods.

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