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Re: The Character Directory


Natasha Brant- Princess of Altamire and a fire mage with lack of control. Is traveling to find her way in life.
Jack Brant [Wyrsin] - Regent of Altamire and half-brother to Natasha, this bastard never seems to stop smiling.
Elaine Brant (NPC) - Natasha Brant's younger twin sister and a ghost. She is following around Natasha due to she is worried about the mental instability of her twin sister.
Angelica Brant (NPC) - Current monarch of Altamire. She's an kind teenage girl who has seen more than somebody her age should.
Kevin (NPC) - A retired knight of Altamire. He is the oldest of the guards, and is set in the ways of the old, not quite liking the way his country is going. However, his loyalty to the crown is first and foremost.
Gabriel (NPC) - A retired knight of Altamire, ex Head of the Guards and Natasha Brant's foster father. He lives in a small town a week's journey outside of Zean and works as a blacksmith.
Simon (NPC) - A knight of Altamire and the current Head of the Guards. While he may seem rough and gruff, he is just a giant teddy bear on the inside. Loves kittens.
Renee (NPC) - A knight of Altamire who specializes in the use of water magic. Currently traveling with Natasha Brant as her bodyguard. Hates guys.
Anthony (NPC) - Bad boy knight of Altamire, and bodyguard of its monarch, Angelica Brant.
Pyre (NPC) - Real name is Elrohir Tiwele, dragon prince of the Lingwiloke clan. Pyre is currently traveling with Natasha Brant in order to regain his proper form after becoming cursed.
Ashlyn Imani- A telekinetic Dream Knight with a dual personality disorder.

Night Ryder- A young bounty hunter with lightning magic. Meek around the ladies. Trying to collect enough money to save his dying mother.
Levina Ryder (NPC) - Night's older sister who stays to take care of their dying mother in Shelmar, Terra. A flirt and a tease, Levy seems to flit around from man to man with no relationship lasting longer than a week. She teaches in a one room school house.
Roxane- A priestess and a time mage from the lost city of Atlantis, Roxy is the descendant of Cronus. She is searching for the Lavta and Pandora's Box while attempting to avoid being smited by angry Greek gods.
Athena Pallas (NPC) - Greek goddess of wisdom, crafts and war. Accidentally started the civil war between the Greek pantheon and is looking for Pandora's Box. Traveling with Roxy to make her a hero.
Aphrodite (NPC) - Greek goddess of love and lust and resident sexual troll. Currently traveling with Roxy because it "seemed fun."
Cassandra- An unassuming young woman who is a thief and and assassin for hire, there is much more to Cassie what meets the eye. Beneath this young's woman incredibly ❤❤❤❤❤y exterior lies the memories and soul of Cassandra of Troy, the doomed prophet and seer.

Shiki Taiga- A Digimon Liberator, which is the seventh generation of the Digidestined. She is currently word hopping as she is yanked from placed to place for a reason she doesn't know yet.

Sheli [Angel]- An ancient fallen archangel who seems to be more angelic then demonic. She has a personal vendetta against demons, and makes it her mission to go out and kill them. Despite her general well intentions, she just seems to find chaos and trouble no matter where she goes.
Mikel (NPC) - The Archangel of Empathy, and long time friend of Sheli's. Despite being a genderless being with no free will of his own, he still cares and looks after Sheli.
Samuel (NPC) - A Fallen Power, more commonly known as the Grim Reaper or just Death. Samuel is unusual in regards to other Fallen, as he still serves Yahweh. Samuel typically tries to avoid interacting with humans (because he thinks they are dumb ❤❤❤❤s), but ❤❤❤❤ gets real when death is being disrespected.
An Hao- A Shishi; a guardian lion cub. Currently living in the castle of Zean in Altamire. Is attached to Leonna Fallenstar and the Hanschen, Padme, but also seems to get along well with any human she comes across for the most part.

Lori Sevola - A young witch and Auror (Dark Wizard hunter). She is looking for her mother's killer, but due to her superhero complex, she seems to be getting herself side tracked as she tries to help each person she comes across.

River - A half elf who has lost all of his memories of his childhood and an eye after a brutal assault which left him for dead. After being saved by a merciful elf, he finds himself with an eye which can see beyond which can be seen, a power in addition to his powers in relation to the sun. River is currently wandering around the world for an explanation on a reason why he lives.

Syeira - An obnoxiously happy Roma with the power over song and no sense of direction whatsoever. After being separated from her caravan, she is currently wandering around looking for them again. But she isn't in a rush. Things happen for a reason, and she'll find them when she's meant to. In the meantime, might as well enjoy herself.

Hideki Inari - A Kitsune, this four-tailed fox enjoys torturing his victims, driving them made until they go insane. And then he kills them.


Leonard Brant - Previous king of Altamire, although he is more known as a tyrant. Had severe OCD, and had to have things his way exactly as planned, otherwise became very violent. Haunts the throne room.
Mitchel Caen - Head of Caen Family, which is in charge of research. Not exactly the most social guy in the world, he has a very curious mind about him. Likes to take things apart to see how they work. Nothing stands between him and the name of discovery. Including pesky things like "morals."
Gene Ramses - Head of the Ramses Family, which is in charge of the army. (General of Army) Easy-going and friendly, a lot of people think he is a bit of an idiot, but his military genius should not be discounted.
Roy Tirel - Head of the Tirel Family, who is in charge of justice and law. Lawful neutral, has a sadistic streak. Looks down on anybody who doesn't follow the law - if it is a good law or not doesn't matter to him.
Maye Azor - Head of the Azor Family, who is in charge of medicine. Very meek and very shy, she has trouble asserting herself, and knows she is nowhere as talented as her two (now dead) older sisters were, which leads to very low self-esteem.
Ady Gaines - Head of the Gaines Family, who is in charge of the economy. She's very in tune to the pain and hurt of others, and uses that to her advantage. Very good at her job.

Sophie - Old friend of Isabella Brant and the Head Mage of Earth. Raised Elaine when she was a child.
Marco - A mysterious young man and the Head Mage of Water. There is a lot he seems to know about the past of Altamire and seems obsessed with Leonna Fallenstar.
Gaothaire- A young woman who comes from a family who practices the "old ways," she is the Head Mage of Wind. She seems intent on making her parents value her worth, yet somehow that still isn't going as well as she wants it to be.
Richard- A veteran of the Yale-Atamirian War and Head Mage of Fire. Richard hates necromancers and people from Yale. Holds on to a lot of old time prejudices and has no intention of changing them.
Craig - A young fire mage from a village outside of Zean. A sniveling coward and cash-cow for his family.

Towns Folk
Ann - Jack's mother and instigator of the Brant Family Tragedy. Her ghost is in the throne room.
Ethan - A baker, and Riley's husband. He worked in the guard, rising through the ranks until he guarded the castle. He may look scary, but he has a gentle soul.
Riley - A baker, and Ethan's wife. She has a fiery temper and a fierce will. Very maternal though, and views the Brant children as part of her family, not at all caring they are royalty.
Miles - Ethan and Riley's two year old son, who will be turning three soon. He's an energetic one, and he absolutely adores Jack.
Luce- One of the tailor siblings who can be found in Zean. Acting as the voice of reason a lot of the times, he manages to keep customers from leaving after being turned off by his sister's offensive personality. Like Rae, his tailoring ability is second to none and is favored by those with wealth, although they do make their creations more affordable to lower class people.
Rae- One of the tailor siblings who can be found in Zean. Her ego and her blunt and rather harsh words turn a lot of people off to her. She hates seeing people dressed poorly, and as a result has insisted on making more affordable clothing for lower class people as to "not see them in their awful rags." Her skill as a tailor and dress maker is just as large as her ego.

Jack Brant and Joker drawn by Chibi
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