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"It is something that grows over time... a true friendship. A feeling in the heart that becomes even stronger over time... The passion of friendship will soon blossom into a righteous power and through it, you will know which way to go..."

A Meadow White horse crossed the horizon, which consisted of raw red rock dazzled with sunlight. For almost three days, he had galloped across plains, panted up plateaus, and all for the sake of his master. But still, love drove him on.

His master, Lamatte, was a relatively young man who wore a simple grey tunic. Though, for such a plain looking man, he certainly had a valiant past. Once, he had been a Commanding Knight of the Royal Hylian Forces. But over time, he had slipped, and fallen into an addiction. Now, Lamatte was trying to amend himself and the damage he had caused.

"Aurarius! Slow down!" he called to the horse, who immediately obeyed. Ahead of them, they saw steam rising from a circle of rocks. Aurarius trotted closer and eventually halted at a beautiful hot spring, with water that reflected the red sunlight.

Lamatte dismounted, and removed his boots. He dunked one foot into the water, and the throbbing blisters and bruises were suddenly relieved. "Come in!" he called to Aurarius.

His horse, however, was reluctant to relax. Lamatte understood this, and went to remove the luggage he carried on his back. Now that the load had vanished, Aurarius crept forward, and placed his hooves into the water. Lamatte, knowing that his steed was content, shed the rest of his clothes and submerged himself in the warmth of the spring.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of clopping; hooves approaching. He looked to Aurarius, who did not stir. Lamatte paddled behind his horse and submerged all but his eyes. Soon, two horses came into view: one was a brick red Lokai, the other was a bay grey.

"Ooh, look Stephano!" cried the one on the grey Lokai. "A hot spring! I haven't been in one of them for a while!"

"Well you'll just have to wait a little while longer, Newton." said Stephano. They continued to trot until the red Lokai was pulled backwards, and neighed in protest. Stephano pointed to the spring and called out. "Is that...a Meadow White?!"

The grey Lokai also stopped to see what the fuss was about. "Yes, appears to be unaccompanied."

Unexpectedly, Stephano leapt down from his horse and approached it eagerly. Lamatte crept further back behind the rocks to observe, but not to be observed. Stephano appeared to be smaller than he was, but taller than his companion. He wore a glittering red waistcoat which sparkled in the twilight, and glossy brown hair, which he tied back. He began to caress Aurarius's mane, but Aurarius did not respond.

"This would make the perfect show horse for the tournament, Newton." Stephano said. "I must have it."

"I do not advise you to steal other people's horses, Stephano." his companion replied. "What would your parents think?"

"I don't care what my parents would think!" he snapped. "Besides, my parents would let me have anything I wanted."

"But this horse must belong to somebody." sighed Newton. "I mean, look at how clean its coat is."

"Well, there's nobody here to claim it, so finders-keepers." Stephano pulled on the reigns of the horse, but Aurarius cried out. Stephano continued to tug until a hoof kicked him sharply in the shin. He fell back into the water, and Lamatte tried to restrain his laughter.

Newton jumped down from his horse and rushed over to see to his friend. "Stephano, are you alright?!"

"Get off me, you buffoon, I'm fine!" Stephano snapped, shoving Newton away. "This horse is out of control! I do not want a horse that does not obey its master!"

He stood up, and brushed the dirt off his ruby waistcoat, before returning to his own horse. Newton followed him without command, and they climbed onto their horses and trotted away. Lamatte then waded out of the hot spring, and took his clothes,

"I wonder just where those idiots are headed?" he asked Aurarius. Again, he did not reply, but Lamatte rewarded him with food after he sorted Stephano out. "I heard them mention a 'tournament'. It sounds like fun."

Once dressed, he reattached the luggage to the saddle. Lamatte mounted Aurarius again and they followed the hoof prints that were left in the red sand.
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