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Re: Mirror of Worlds (Open)

Osore looked at Kay with a tilted head and then to his pork-filled burlap. He cackled quietly and raised the now somewhat bloodied sack while observing it. "I honestly wasn't planning on it..." he chuckled a little more "but I suppose it couldn't do any harm to help feed my... company" the final fit of eerie giggles ended.

"The name is Osore by the way" he stated after he'd finished his little episode. He then pointed with a clawed thumb over his shoulder, towards the stall he came from not long ago, the butcher looked like he was trying to figure out how he was going to get some more pigs on such short notice... but he had plenty of other critters to consume. "That nice killer over there is the one you want to talk to... if you care for anything else" one could almost sense the large grin behind the mask.

Osore looked at the jeweler as Kay referred to him closing the shop. He then re-imagined the treasure's worth in comparison to all that was in the display casing - they were no comparison. He then slung the sack over his shoulder and stepped away from the stall. Whoever was taking "lead" now could go ahead, it seemed they were going to go shopping for spices and the like... but Osore was a patient hunter.
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