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Re: Mirror of Worlds (Open)

Everything seemed to be falling into place, and yet, at the same time it seemed like it could crumble into a pile of failure at any moment. This plan would definitely allow him to hold more pieces of his body together, using these others as flesh-shields, but they might just be as traitorous as himself. Osore contemplated the many factors involved with other beings, and he was becoming more aware of an equal amount of problems as benefits... and at that moment another individual joined in.

The young jeweler had offered his guidance through the forest - to be honest, he might be more useful than the other two simply based on what he could actively contribute as of now. Regardless of that though, it was just another pawn added to the board, one who could go rogue like the others at any moment. He was playing a risky game right now, but if it actually didn't ended in him obtaining the treasure, he didn't care about the consequences.

After an agreement with the other female, the red hooded one strangely put a finger up to the sky, her eyes were hidden by a crimson veil, but Osore could somewhat feel an unmistakable feeling of being stared at. He could probably sense it due tot he fact that he did the same to so many others, to a considerably worse degree, but when he was the one being stared at (and not in fear) it felt... interesting. Osore's mind has long since been deprived of very many emotions beyond anger, but the insignificant humanity left within him said something...

this is fear.

Osore liked it, this feeling, the anxiousness, it felt like an adrenaline rush. His smile persisted as the woman raised her head and spoke: "The more the merrier, right?". Osore felt some type of gratitude towards the woman for evoking a new feeling (or at least one long forgotten, if only for a moment). He stared blankly for a moment, contemplating the already lost feeling and replied.

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