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Re: Breaking the Routine! (Open)

Karash was already within the forestry before he realized how much his bright-white cloth stood out amongst the dull greens and browns of the area. He thought nothing of it after the realization though, seeing as how large beast probably wouldn't notice him simply because of size difference.

Suddenly there was a scrambling sound from the bushes to his left, and from the shrubs a lively stick jumped out... and hovered towards him. The only response Karash could think of is to hop back at first, pause, and raise a brow at the strange incident. He would quickly notice, however, the person behind the same bushes, apparently trying to get his attention. Karash lowered his body as the person in-front of him did, and attempted to walk closer. BAM! a nearby tree was pounded with a massive fist, which easily cracked the tree, and practically made a domino effect to the next one, and so on.

"oh shiii..." The stranger said in what seemed to be surprise. Karash could only assume this was the individual that made the fire, he was the only one to be found as of now anyway.

The man whispered something else, presumably to himself, as burning leaves fell from the canopies and trees tumbled down around the two of them. Karash, too, found himself having to escape the now deadly trees which seemed determine to fall specifically on the two individuals here. Within seconds, at least ten trees had come within an inch of crushing Karash, and possibly the stranger as well, and the chaos continued!

The beast, seemed to know the general area they were in as it swung twice more: a double handed swipe across the trees which mainly just snapped them sideways, but did send some hurdling like logs all around the almost helpless warriors.

"What is?" Karash asked the man, his accent thick and obvious. A tree trunk rolled towards them as he spoke, and it tumbled rapidly with enough speed to probably break their legs. Karash acted quickly, ducking (which would probably seem a strange thing to do) and then putting his fist to the ground, allowing a ramp to be made of the earth as the wooden disaster neared. Just as it was within a few feet the ramp raised high enough to let the log jump over them. The foreigner, Karash, turned back to the man like nothing had happened and asked again while pointing at the monster.

"What is?"
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