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Re: Who wants to play a game?

Not without the ultimate weapon.

Link and Malon were laying in their bed. Link couldnt sleep so he said "I remember earlier Ami was looksing for a weapon, but what is this weapon?" Malon snored not sayiing a thing so Link went to sleep. Later they were picked up by an old school boat like airship since it was safer. All of the light warriors sat around a table with their wives/husbands looking out the window and at the water way far below them. Link asked about the ultimate weapon again. "Their is said to be one old man left who lives in a cave on death mountain know what the ultimate weapon, and luckly that man is safe since death mountain is high and above sea level" said Malon. So they flew their airship to death mountain and went into a cave. A old man sat in the middle of a completely black room with two torches on each side of him. He said "dodongo dislike smoke". "Oh crap not this guy" said Link. The man smiled and started laughing, he then said "im just kidding I love doing that to people". Whew the light warriors said. "Can you tell us where the ultimate weapon is?" asked Link. "Yes of course" said the man "its at the mushroom kingdom where Mario came from. "How do we get there?" asked Link. The man said through this portal. The man side stepped revealing a portal. So the light warriors went into the portal. The old man died of old age. Link woke up with a koopa troopa licking his face. He got up and cut its head. "Nowhere?" he asked Mario. Mario pointed to a castle. "There, thats Wario's castle, we must defeat him to get the ultimate weapon. So the four headed down the road to Wario's castle.....