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Re: The Tale of Vespairia (PM/VM for invite)

"I understand you have some frustrations with these two, but was all this necessary?" Mitsu chuckled, rolling the elf over onto her back to get a better look at her, which Zyler was not object to. "I can see why the Prince here wanted to keep her close, she is quite the beauty." He said as he stroked the elf's face like some kind of creeper.

"Don't know what you mean." Zyler regarded Mitsu with a serious tone. "Like I said, they must of gotten frisky before they passed out drunk." For how little he was trying, his blatant lie would have fooled anyone who didn't know the companies previous relationship.

Mitsu payed no heed to Zyler's remark and gave a fiendish smirk as he gazed at the Prince. "You ready to bask in the glory of his bounty?"

"Yeah, can't wait." Zyler said, pacing around the room as he scratched the back of his neck. "So you're just gonna whisk them off to wherever, right...?"

OoC: Erm, I don't know what to do with Bran now. I'll have him pop up again when there's a suitible time.
Also, as the timeline should be, Zyler entered Li and Elmeriie's room just as Nis was leaving, so Zyler and Mitsu should be long gone by the time Nis and Merc come back. Just saying, so there's no confusion ^^;
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