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Escape From The Deadly Warzone (Open to all)

OoC: Kay I'm using Marmion in this little Rp. I want only weak characters for this Rp since I want them to have to struggle to escape out of this mess they will find themselves in.
Held captive in a mist of war. Locked in a dungeon, deep below the castle a group of unlikely people have to break free and escape without becoming involved in the war and conflict.
This is a basic idea of what going on any question fill free to ask. This is a open Rp to all that wants to join and after it gets started I'll leave the turn order open to all that wants to post. I'll post again after Wisp Quill, Flueworks, K9doggie, Puck and Raddy if he so choose has made there openings.


The chilling wind gust through the open field calm and strong, almost knocking the small boy off his feet. Young Marmion had been traveling all night in hopes for a peaceful less scary place than the woods. The moist morning air and the fresh dew of the grass made him feel soaked even if he wasn’t wet. He walked with his staff holding him up and helping him long. He could see the large gates of the city ahead though he wasn’t sure if it would be safer or not than sleeping in the woods. But he thought about the chance of getting a bed and it made it seem better.

I hope I can make it to the gates. Come on Marmion you can do it. It not that far I hope. He thought to himself as he felt the heavy lids on his eyes quickly becoming hard to keep open. It wasn’t for a few more steps when he felt himself fall and lost the will to fight anymore.

“Alright everyone as you know, we are at war. Anyone you find in the city of Chupo or it’s outskirts are to be taken in as war criminals we can’t take the chance of them sending a spy here. The King wishes to not kill if needed and so far there hasn’t been any sight of the enemy. But they are coming and I’m not so soft to let them have their way. So I’m sending team of five to walk our outer broader.”

The strong commander continued to speak to the soldier about his plans to keep the city safe. Everyone listen until he was done and the teams dispatched to their post. Team 7 which was sent to clear and check the forest spotted the young boy only a mile from the city. “Leader there and girl dead in the grass a head what should we do?” He asked point to the boy head of him.

“ It might be a trap. Keep you guns ready men. I’ll approach first.” He said walking closer to the pink hair body before pointing it with his gun. Marmion groaned and move a bit, but didn’t wake up. “She alive men, be careful.” He said taking his hand and turning the mage over uncovering the staff. The man quickly grabbed the weapon and tossed it to the other soldiers.

“We have ourselves a male wizard here men. He must be an enemy. We are taking him back and locking him up. “

Wonderful set by, Aiko!
Restoring Luna / Dark Side
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