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Re: The Tale of Vespairia (PM/VM for invite)

"Yes, well in the morning when I sober up I might focus on that problem more. For no I need to relax." She said before stopping at the hotel where they are staying at. "Oh you don't mind stay in my room." She said opening the door and walking through the halls to her room.

Her room wasn't close to the others and she didn't feel like checking on them or telling them the great new. She open the door to room 506 and held it open for him to enter behind her. As he did she closed the door and turned on the room lights.

"Bathroom over there." She said taking her shirt off and tossing on the table before removing her shoes. "Towels and things should be in there as well. And I think." She said digging into her bag. "Nope. I thought I had some male clothe for you in the bag. I must have sold them already. Sorry."
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