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Re: The Tale of Vespairia (PM/VM for invite)

Zyler noticed Mitsu had entered the hotel, and also noticed when the red head left. He waited for a few seconds, but his fellow bounty hunter wasn't making his move, for whatever reason. Zyler never cared for the man, and was beginning to care for him less and less. He considered walking out on the job just to spite him. But, the pay was too good to pass up, and now that he was all healed and charged, he couldn't miss a chance to mess with the elf, and take a little payback out on the prince.

Not a minute after Nis left, Zyler crept into the room of his targets. They were both passed out cold, sprawled on top of each other on the bed. The elf still had a beer bottle clutched in her hand, that had toppled and soaked the sheets next to them.

Zyler went through a whole slew of different scenarios in his head on what to do with the two of them. He didn't need to hurt them too much. They were already asleep. He just had to make sure they stayed unconscious for the next several hours. But first, he'd cause a little humiliation for the elf. He took out a knife from his belt and ran it up the inside of the back of her shirt, relieving her bare back.

The prince began to stir at the sound of the fabric ripping. Zyler promptly beat him in the temple hard enough to make his head bounce on the mattress. He then placed his hand over the elf's nose and mouth and delivered a precision strike of electricity into her nervous system to knock her out for good. She was passed out so hard already that that probably wasn't even necessary. He pulled her shirt off the rest of the way. Of course she still had her bra on, but this would be enough humiliation to get her back for the nut mag she gave him earlier.

"Yo Mitsu, you there?" He said, observing his work. "Come teleport them to wherever it is you need to take them." He smirked and added, "Looks like they got a little frisky before they passed out."

OoC: Was that too much? =B You guys kinda gave him free reign to do whatever he wanted xP
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