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Re: Will they ever make roms legal?

Originally Posted by 8bit View Post
I would suggest that your future posts be more constructive, and less baseless, but that would be rent-a-moding, so I am going to wait for a mod to correct you instead.
Hard to be constructive when you fail to acknowledge that a point you keep trying to make has been invalidated multiple times over the past year. But if you feel offended, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to help you get rid of your bad habits.

Originally Posted by 8bit View Post
This has been shown to be false experimentally. People pirate for a variety of reasons, though most people pirate because they can not afford to purchase the information in question. Of the people who pirate despite being able to afford the product, and who do not go on to purchase the product after pirating, their impacted is negated by the advertising generated by piracy. Ultimately, you end up with a much larger user-base, but an equivalent number of sales to what you could expect without piracy.
Source? For everything, please.

It's hard for me to take your "too poor" argument seriously when a pro-piracy pro-"too poor ;_;" user here has demonstrated that he's had enough money to buy videogames but would rather spent the whole $700 he had to be able to run the games he pirates. When you conquer temptation and master self-moderation I'll take your words seriously. Otherwise, just saying something isn't gonna make me believe it's true.

As for advertising "generated": most pirates don't want everyone to know they pirate games. So really, you only tell other pirates about the game. And they were more than likely going to download it anyway, especially if it is going to be a big game. So I think this point is null.
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Sorry, but Radek is actually Lawful Awesome.
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