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Re: Those Who Dance in Moonlight (Open)

Karash was busy wondering exactly how he would go about acting 'normal' to these people he'd never even heard of, not in reality, not even in stories, and yet here they were, an obstacle for him to overcome. He didn't know a lick of English and could even be considered faulty in his own language, most if it being slang phrases or terms used in Shihaitan military.

As several plans of action crossed his mind he noticed something from the corner of his eye, the light orange retinas turned towards the figure along with an entire body. It uttered something, this time in yet another language! Fantastic, another obstacle added onto the list, how many languages did this planet posses? Was no-one unified in the idea of speaking the same tongue for the sake of convenience?

Karash grew a bit irritated with the unproven thoughts, but then he went back to the phrase this person had spoken: "Ne'jad ko Sepulchar?". It all sounded like chatter to Karash, perhaps it was his unusual attire that tipped him off as a foreigner, maybe there was a culture here this person was mistaking him with? Whatever the case, Karash was clueless and simply shrugged while looking at his company.

"ṅa'itomo" - no idea...
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