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Re: Those Who Dance in Moonlight (Open)

curses of an alien language echoed on the fields of battle where Karash bought his guide time to heal. There were few that were slain, the majority only taking a hardy swing and missing their own retaliation chance. Karash was getting use to the biengs' hectic fighting style, when they tried a strong over-hand attack he swiftly side-stepped to attack their open torso, if they clawed at him he would escape backwards while jabbing within the openings.

It was still quite a battle regardless of tactics being deciphered, the numbers alone would tire him out soon as he continued to block heavy attacks with earthen-walls and dodge the swipes of quicker adversaries. Karash had just taken out another anomaly of a life form, his borrowed blade slashing diagonally through its cloudy form (in his eyes of course). The monsters too were beginning to unveil the tactics of Karash, like a scorpion he would sting at them, but like an elusive prey he would escape to start the cycle over again, noticing this the smoglings seemed to plan ambush attacks, preventing such guerrilla tactics.

"ugh!" a painful grunt escapes Karash as he finally contacted by an overhead swing, though it was while backing away from the clawing moves of another, the blow collided with his gut making him spit out any and all air in his lungs instantly, he growled in defiance with the small breaths he could take after the attack, "kar..." he began a famous battle cry of the Shihaitans. "kor..." he brought himself up, almost being attacked again by the being behind him, he quickly escaped such a fat by slashing behind him and amputating the unsuspecting foe.

"KUR!" the final word was shouted, giving him the strength of a true warrior, his heart thumping rapidly as he jumped back into battle, hopefully this adrenaline rush would last long enough though...
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