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Re: Those Who Dance in Moonlight (Open)

OOC: I guess that decides it then


Karash continued to follow closely behind his furry guide as they made their way closer and closer to... something. Whatever it was, its form emitted a strange vibration making the creatures a haze, it was as if they were material but not at the same time, or perhaps the haze was created from a material form somewhere else simultaneously? This was something Shihaitan eyes were simply not meant to see.

The path-leader began to slow down into a creep and lowered itself within the shadows, this immediately told Karash to do the same, these creatures were obviously a threat for such a stance to be made. He became just as stealthy as his lead, though stayed behind a bit, he may be less efficient not knowing what exactly these beings were, perhaps he would learn by example.

A smudge of matter arched in air as the wolf pounced one of the otherworldly being, it seemed a rather simple technique but it was practically executed flawlessly... That is until the action drew just a bit too much attention.

Several other smogs of material essence seemed to face the now surrounded lupine, and if that was indeed Karash's guide sent by Netchur himself, he just couldn't let this be.

"ṇulaġa'iṡ!" he shouted, as if the creatures knew what he was saying, as if ANYONE knew what he was saying! He dashed from his position further behind the wolf and threw a fist at the serpentine haze in order to make it back up. Obviously the monster didn't want to be punched and so it easily evaded the blow, but thats not where the balled-hand stopped, it rocketed ground-ward and a pillar of earth launched at the smogling as Karash's fist collided with the ground.

Successful hit, but that surely didn't mean it was down for the count, and its friends didn't look happy at all...
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