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Exclamation Fabulous Demon Lord Sheikah?! Is Ghirahim a Sheikah?

Well, I'm copypasting here the same thing I posted in Zelda Informer Forum:
Hey guys! So... I'm new around here

Okay, I was watching that Ghirahim fight video from E3 demo and I noticed that he has some kind of "Black Diamond Teardrop" below his left eye. Soooo... I though about this:

What do you think? I mean, Skyward Sword will have a lot of references to Ocarina of Time. So, maybe, Sheikahs will be there as well _o

I'm 99,9% sure that Debbie IS a Sheikah.

I really think that Sheikah will be in the game. I mean, look at Zelda's Lire. There's got to be some conection...

Here's a in game picture of Ghirahim showing that teardrop:

Maybe, his hair hidding the teardrop is intentional. Perhaps, Nintendo nows that if someone would see Ghirahim's face like you guys did in the image from the first post, will discover the Sheikah thing.

Ah, I'm new here aswell

Sooo... Discuss! ;D
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