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Re: Too American?

Originally Posted by Golddron View Post
Well, I think you're just fine ma'am Have you brought it up to her that it bothers you?
Why thank you~ No, actually. I've protested about it, but I've never really talked to her about it like I've done here. That's probably not a good thing...

Originally Posted by Hombre de Mundo View Post
I think it's just a matter of her being worried to "lose you" to something that feels unknown or unfamiliar to her. My ex-girlfriend's mom didn't like us being together because she felt my sexy swedish ways were taking her daughter away from her.

I can't give you any advice on how to fix it because my ex's mom still doesn't like me
Heheh... sexy Swedish ways...

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Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
I don't think there's any issue with you, I know a lot parents want their kids to act like a certain way, for example. I'm Polish, ad German on my dad's side, and Italian, English, Irish, and Native American on my mom's side, my mom mostly associates herself with being Italian though, so in school I wanted to learn German, but my mom got mad because she thought I should learn Italian. <-- just an example of some of the stupid little ways that parents have. In your case, you're just fine, and your mom needs to accept you for who you are; not who she wants you to be. Also, if it bothers you so much, get serious about learning Spanish, it's a fun language to learn anyhow!
Hahah, thank you! My friend had a similar problem like yours; wanted to drop Spanish to be in Marine Biology. Never did unfortunately. Thanks for your feedback. & yes. I really want to work on my Spanish again. It's a great language and it's really handy to know nowadays. I'm going to start taking classes again soon. Hopefully it'll make my mommy a little bit happier. C:
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