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Originally Posted by Nuke View Post

That only says there's risk of disruption to the 2011 season. Nowhere does it say that there will be absolutely no season at all. Still, I hope nothing bad happens. I'm an NFL fan too.

And speaking of which, my team, as probably all the other NFL people here know, is the Pittsburgh Steelers. <3

My whole family are fans of them, actually. We're from Pittsburgh and have followed the team for years. My stepdad is a Jack Lambert fan in particular. Obviously, I wasn't born until much later after that guy's time, but he was a damn good player from what I know.

Me? I'm a Troy Polamalu fan. He is the best defensive player I've ever seen and he's made so many big impacts on Steeler games (sacking Joe Flacco (Ravens QB), making lots of interceptions, tearing Carson Palmer (Bengals QB) apart, etc.). He also got defensive player of the year last season. Go Troy! :>

I think Big Ben (aka Ben Roethlisberger), Hines Ward (yeah, gotta love good ol' Hines!) James Harrison, Rashard Mendenhall, Mike Wallace, and Heath Miller are awesome players as well. The Steelers simply have always been one of the better teams in the NFL. GO STEEL CURTAIN!

I'm not really interested in any other sports nowadays though. I do like baseball, but I'd rather play it than watch it. I also like golf, but again, I'd rather play it than watch it.
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