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Re: Is it time for the series to grow up?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I just can't take anything with Toon link seriously.
Hell TP was kind of immature and boring at times too, WW just did not put off the impression of serious to me, there was just too many cartoony elements. That's not to say that MM had no cartoony moments at all, but things just went straight back to dark and gloomy almost instantly, with WW you had a few hours of cartoony antics back to serious, back to cartoon, with MM it was like every once in awhile you would get comic relief, but that's only because it didn't want you to get clinical depression

I am not saying I hate WW, but I just don't find it all that serious.

And as for tingle
He ♡♡♡♡ing disturbed me, and he just adds to the dark undertone. I mean he thinks he is a fairy...Mental illness.

And the Eledgy statue...don't get me started on how bad that creeped me out.
I have to agree. The cartoony elements of Wind Waker such as the graphics definitely made it harder to take the game seriously. I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem.

Anyways, what Zelda definitely needs to work on is depth. Have you ever seen a Zelda game since Wind Waker that has an overworld with a lot of depth that's fun to explore and very emotional characters. I think not. Majora's Mask definitely did it correctly with it's 3 day time system and it's emotional side quests to immerse yourself in the game. We just don't have this one element anymore. This is the reason why Twilight Princess failed to be what the game was hyped up to be.

If they add the depth that Majora's Mask had in Skyward Sword, then I truly believe Skyward Sword can earn the tile, "The Best Zelda Game of All Time."
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