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Re: Is it time for the series to grow up?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I just can't take anything with Toon link seriously.
Hell TP was kind of immature and boring at times too, WW just did not put off the impression of serious to me, there was just too many cartoony elements. That's not to say that MM had no cartoony moments at all, but things just went straight back to dark and gloomy almost instantly, with WW you had a few hours of cartoony antics back to serious, back to cartoon, with MM it was like every once in awhile you would get comic relief, but that's only because it didn't want you to get clinical depression

I am not saying I hate WW, but I just don't find it all that serious.
I personally half agree with you. Wind Waker can be rather serious at times. When you think about it, this 12 year old's sister has been kidnapped by a giant menacing bird. For all we know she could be ripped to shreds and eaten. We later learn that he dark lord is trying to kidnap young children to extract a triforce from the if they have so he can rule the land under an iron fist. We later have to find sages who have been murdered by Ganandorf's minions. Not to mention the part where a sword is stuck in Ganondorf's head. Not to mention the way all of those redeads looked in WW. They were creepy. Not as creepy as OoT's though. That's just my opinion though. We are all different.
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