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Re: Aikie's Art Thread

I support this. Now all it needs is moar laserz!

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As requested by Genshai, I share this story with you all:

Genshai: I just discovered your art thread. Wow.

One thing that makes my uncomfortable is the sheer amount of penii in your work xD I hope to god I don't see that many if I go to Uni D:

Me: If you take enough drawing classes, you will. Ohhhhh you will. You haven't even seen the half of it in that thread. xD And... *shudders* ...the old guys! Aaaagh! My eyes!

But sadly, you get used to it. It gets to the point where you're like "Yeah, yeah, whatever, take your clothes off and stand still. Let me get my charcoal."

: That sounds terrifying! How did you react with your first live model? naked one, I mean.

and I have to admit, the way you draw them is awesome. You are totaly like, "no detail there, no sireee, I am going to draw it small and ignore it for the rest of my paper".

Me: xD Well, the story goes something like this:

We gathered for class in the basement--the basement, mind you, as if things weren't creepy enough--of one of the buildings at the community college I used to go to before I transferred to my uni now. Figure Drawing class, so basically, all nudes, all the time. We knew this. But we were not prepared.

Our professor enters, this old lady, and chats to us a bit. Then this old/middle-age flabby guy enters, and I figure him for being another art professor. He has the look--longish messy hair, frumpy clothes, flannel shirt that might as well be a smock, facial hair, shark tooth necklace. Our professor talks to him a bit and we all wait. Then she turns to us, and says, "Class, this will be our first model, Mike."

Cue mental screaming.

Mike says hi and goes off to the other side of the room. Our professor continues talking to us as if she did not just scar us all terribly for the next 10 years. As she goes on with her introductory lecture about how the class will run, Mike begins undressing. We all watch in horror out of the corner of our eyes as we see the shirt come off, then pants, and then he puts on a robe before removing anything else. For now.

Our professor continues speaking as if he were just rearranging papers on the other side of the room, not disrobing.

He leaves to go to the restroom for a moment, and she arranges the platform he's going to stand on in the middle of the room with the lights. Then he comes back, and steps up onto the platform, still with his robe, as we're all standing at our easels with our art stuff and paper.

"Okay Mike, we're ready."

Our thoughts: we're not reeeeeady! We'll NEVER be reeeeady!

He drops the robe, wearing nothing but the DAMN SHARK TOOTH NECKLACE. Someone giggles. And the rest is history. xD

xD But yeah, basically they tell you in figure drawing classes not to fret over details. So like facial/body hair, tattoos, fingers, toes, bellybuttons, etc. aren't that big a deal. You mainly want to get down the general feeling of the pose, balance, weight, contour, etc., not so much the dirty little details like... genitals. *shudder*

So yes, I blissfully ignore them. xD

Genshai: So did you keep in touch with Mike?

: Omg, no! The models are NOT people! They DO NOT exist outside of class, and you NEVER speak to them! This is the only way to maintain your sanity. xD One of them, Rick I believe, said hello to me after a class when I saw him outside, and my brain exploded.
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