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Re: Aikie's Art Thread

Last of the paintings from this semester! Both are originally 24" x 30".

I wanted to go in a textural direction with this fruit piece, 'tis a pineapple if it wasn't apparent. Probably my favorite of the larger canvases we did.

Abstract architectural piece, my professor dubbed it "The Artist's Revenge", because the atrium shown partially in this painting has been a nightmare to early drawing students at my school for years with all its wonky perspectives, and he felt taking this chunky, expressive, thick-painted approach to it was finally getting some vengeance on the place for all the nitpicky little headaches it's caused. x3

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Aaargh, the stupid camera made the orange in the upper right look so yellow! It did that to both paintings... colors aren't accurate here, folks. The orange hues are WAY off from the real pieces.
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