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Re: Star Light, Star Bright [insaney, Flueworks, I)ragon11, Dybia]

The robot seemed frantic about the whole situation. Whatever had just made the second crater had to be a big deal to scare a robot that just fell out of orbit. It was probably his evil twin or something.

J's initial thought was that the three of them could surely take whatever it was on, but he decided it was best to follow along with the android and high tail it. He began to follow the robots lead and then reconsidered. There was a town nearby, and if the whatever it was was really so dangerous, then he had a responsibility to take it head on.

He gripped the androids arm and gestured to source. "Wait. If that things so dangerous, then what about those people nearby?" He pointed through the trees to a small lighted city in the distance. "We need to protect them. I say we meet this thing head on." He pounded his chest to emphasize. The robot probably didn't understand what he was saying, but Dybia seemed agreeable enough.

J then considered that the second landing might be a giant bomb, or an unbeatable death ship, and it really was best to follow the robots lead. There were too many what if's and he at least needed to know what he was dealing with.
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