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Yes, im back, the guy with the weird questions ^^ if it isnt relationship questions, its a question about a skin for a gamecube, and everything in between. lol.

Ah well. I have another question. This summer im going away for 3 weeks to africa. Now i would like a device that lets me look at photos or pictures that are normally on my pc.

I dont want to print them all because some are sort of private and i dont want them laying around when im there. So i was wondering if there is something that lets me look at the photos/images that are on my pc, by like, downloading them to it, making me being able to look at them wherever i am?

*if so, how much would it cost? the image viewing is the only fuction i really need on it, unless there is a way to have internet on it too lol that i can send emails to friends when im there, but that isnt that important.*

And i dont mean a laptop or something, im talking about something a bit smaller. Please help me out...i was thinking of a palm but you can do so many more things that i really dont have any need for...i think..

Of course..I Swore that I'd save Her no matter what.. to my Soul!!
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