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Re: Black Tide Crew

“Riddle me this?”

Name: Ben Lars
Alias/Nickname: Riddle
Occupation: Pirate of the Black Tide

Age: 28

Sex: Male
Species: Human

Eye Color: Hazel (right: brown and green; left: blue and green)
Hair Color: Blond

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 160 lbs

Theme Song: Angelo Badalamenti - L'anniversaire D'irvin


Weapon(s): Just his two claw gloves. Each blade is about ten inches in length.
Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: N/A

  • Skilled in dual-wielding due to the types of weapons he carries. He’s very proficient in them. He also knows his way around a sword, if one ever ends up in his hands.
  • He can also shoot a pistol, but it’s not a weapon he uses often. His aim is good, but not perfect.
  • So very proficient in hand-to-hand is it is very related to his weapon’s style of fighting anyway. He often uses his feet and other limbs in combination with any weapon he uses.
  • Skilled in the art of pain, torture, and interrogation.

Battle Strengths: Riddle is fast, agile, and flexible. Surprisingly and maybe even a bit eerily so. It’s part of his edge in that his opponent does not expect the kinds of contortions he will suddenly perform in the heat of battle. It catches them off guard and this is where Riddle achieves the majority of his kills. He is also fairly strong in muscle, athletic and active. He has a high endurance. He’s also a good long distance runner if need be.
Battle Weaknesses: He’s a bit insane, so he may not always back down when he should. So he does not always know when to retreat. He does better when he is under the command of someone else for this reason. He tends to lack that sort of better judgment in his actions. He also tends to follow orders to a fault and will not stop until otherwise order to. His physical strength is also just a human strength, there is nothing supernatural about it. He also has no magical abilities.

Personality: Riddle got his nickname because no matter what he says, he is asking a question. Whether it be rhetorical or not, it will be a question. Though he tends to be a rather silent individual, he is not entirely mute or stoic. His eyes are always rather attentive and watchful. He never seems bored with his surroundings somehow. He is always looking it seems. There is also always a subtle smile twitching at the corners of his mouth, even if it is not an out right grin.

Riddle tends to smile more than anything else. However, he tends to smile at the most inappropriate moments. A funeral, an argument, or otherwise solemn and serious events. Riddle grins even when he’s angry. He is more on the manic end when he gets emotional about anything. No matter his emotional climate, fear, sorrow, anger, or disappointment: Riddle smiles. Even if the smile is somewhat painful in appearance.

Riddle is not exactly social. He doesn’t talk about himself or his past. Though sometimes he will make unusual remarks that often times have nothing to do with the conversation being held around him. However, he does often make comments and suggestions that are sometimes helpful, but these come more in times of action than relaxed and idle conversation.

Likes: Torturing people, cutting people, hurting people, following orders, being part of a team, and asking questions.
Dislikes: Riddle doesn’t understand the concept of disliking things. It’s an emotion that causes him confusion. He doesn’t know how to label it when it occurs in him.
Fears: Cells and cages. Being alone and without instruction.
Virtues: Cooperative
Vices: Insane, doesn’t understand the emotional context of others, sadistic, and unable to make decisions on his own.

History: Riddle is Ben Lars. Ben Lars entered the military as soon as he was old enough, mostly because his father was a military man as well. He grew in age, ranks, and skills as time passed. Eventually, he became an interrogator. However, while his acts were never questioned by his superiors, eventually news escaped to the people. They became appalled. Ben’s superiors claimed they had no idea what he had been really doing to his prisoners.

Ben was arrested and locked up an insane asylum. He eventually escaped into society. While on the run, he ran into Maelstrom, who offered him freedom from those who pursued him. He also needed a new place, people, and superior to belong to. So he became a pirate on the Black Tide and has been very content there.

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