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The Writings of a Lone Soul

Yeah, so, this is gonna be where I keep all of my writings. You'll find I use Syn as a recurring character. Only the stories about him are canon; all shorts (unless otherwise noted in this thread) and RP (again, unless noted otherwise) are not canon.


A Ray of Hope - When people's lives are turned upside down, what happens to them? We can only hope for the worst of course, but it turns out differently when those people meet up. (Hiatus)

Word count: 8,049

Farean - A Land Beyond - Everything is over. No one can go on. The land is being torn apart. Chaos reigns, and the world is ending... and it's only hope is a bracelet in the enemies hands. (Hiatus)

Word count: 359

Flames of the Past - The past is coming back to haunt the world. Can the world survive it?

Word count: 804

Oshentu - The demons are closing in. They can't run.... and neither can he. (Hiatus)

Word count: 2,691

Twilight - The rebellion is coming. A rebellion strong enough to rock the entire world's foundations. (Hiatus)

Word count: 4,522


A Grave Mistake


Voice of a Ghost


Digging for Gold - Coming soon


Sliced - Coming soon



Mystery: As a Genre

Writing Blog

Entry #1 (11/17/11 8:41 PM) A Blog... About Writing!

Current goals:

-Start a new story/continue a previous one.
-Write some poems.

Spoiler: Burned  


Crash! The noise echoed through the forest as the wooden huts fell around him. It was a horrible site, burning homes, crying children, screams everywhere. It made it worse knowing that he lived there, in the burning wreck that surrounded him. He jumped over a fallen log and sprinted for the far side of the woods, his brother running the opposite direction.

Rone was 16 years old, average height (about 5'10"), and weighed around 164 pounds. He wore his sword at his back, black sheathe and hilt, grey blade, and had on a gold tunic with dark brown pants and boots. His hair was black and he had brown eyes. He had a lot of muscle, though not overly done, and had a decent tan. All in all, he was just a normal villager... Until today.

His brother Syn, was his twin. They looked almost exactly the same save their personalities. Rone was usually light-hearted and joked around; even in the worst situations. Syn was always serious, he was mad a lot too. Some joked that they were like yin and yang; complete opposites.

Running through the thick foliage of the forest Rone was forced to cover his eyes as more fire leaped in front of his face. He heard laughing, the fire was spreading around. Cracking, he could hear it everywhere; his heart was racing and the person laughing could since it. The laughter become a mad cackle and then a branch struck him on the head. He was unconscious before he even hit the ground.

He was asleep... That much he could tell. How long had he been out? Days? Weeks? Months? Maybe only a few minutes? He couldn't tell. A bright light filled his vision. He was numb, like he was controlled by some other being. He turned towards the light. It was intense, it made him sweat; but, for some strange reason he couldn't begin to cohere, he couldn't look away... the light was almost intoxicating.

A voice spoke up, the light intensified, it told him to wake. He couldn't gasp the meaning of the words though. His mind was like putty. "I SAID WAKE UP!" The shock got to him, more than anything else. The voice was a females. He looked around. No one. He looked again. Still, no one appeared. Then another voice, lower than before and he could think clearly. "I realize this may come to a surprise," it began sounding aggravated to have to explain itself, "but you are about to die. You cannot let that happen. Otherwise, the world is doomed."

Dumbfounded, he stood there, the light slowly receding, and felt himself returning to consciousness.

He stood stiffly, groaning with each movement. His muscles were cramped, his face hot and sweaty, it was horrible. He heard movement to his left and turned to see his brother, Syn, standing before him with his sword drawn. It came back to him now, the fire, the voices, the warning of death. "You were going to kill me then?" he asked his brother, though it was more statement than question.

"How'd you know?" Syn replied, a malicious smirk on his face. He swung his sword out towards Rone and said, "I want you to try and kill me. I would love a good fight." Before Rone could draw breath to reply Syn was on him.

Drawing sword by instinct Rone stopped Syn's rain of blows. He countered with his own, focusing on the left said and then faking for his left and attacking for the right. It didn't work. Syn cut him down quickly. Rone stared into space, dazed, as Syn's sword sliced through his arm. It was horrible. He fell down onto the charred ground. He couldn't feel his side, which wasn't good.

Syn spat at him and turned. "You were weak. My masters were wrong about you, you were NOT worth my trouble." He expertly sheathed his sword and walked off. Rone's word was growing darker. Everything was spinning. He glimpsed a female figure as he blacked out for the last time. It mouthed the words, "You have failed," and then was gone. He was forever alone to float in the void, the void of death.

Well, I'll hopefully be posting more of these/updating whenever a new story is created or something major in one of my other stories happens.


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