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Re: Zelda: OoT3D release date leaked

wait, when is E3? There's no way they would announce a date that's before or barely after E3. I say July is more likely

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Originally Posted by HawkEye1997 View Post
Meh. I don't really care for a release date for the fourth port of OoT. Just come soon so we can get the average ratings and reviews from critics. Believe me it won't do all that well with reviewers highest it can go is probably a solid 8.5. It will be marked down because its "too familiar".

SS> OoT 3D

SS should not be delayed for this port!! >

And if SS is gonna be released after OoT 3D then this pretty much confirms (if the rumor is true) that SS will indeed be released in November of 2011. So much for early 2011 nintendo!!
remember I was the one who originally said November
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