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Re: The Handbook: A guide to the Battle Arena

Rules and Regulations

Just as other places on the forums, if you break these rules you will experience the cold hard justice of ZU mod team and will be given warnings or even infractions for breach of conduct. The mods of the BA and the Council will decide what your punishment will be. If you see another member behaving inappropriately, please report it to a Councillor.

Serious violation of any of the following rules can lead to probation (which is to say having your roleplays monitored by the Council), and if the problem persists a series of strikes. The first will earn you a one-month ban, the second a two-month ban and the third a permanent ban from the whole of the BA. These decisions cannot be argued.

  1. All regular forum rules apply, including the rules against spamming and flaming.
  2. You must have an approved character to participate in the Battle Arena. If you do not have an approved character yet, read this thread for information on how to get one.
  3. Godmoding is not allowed. Godmoding is using your character in such a way that their skills, abilities, or powers accomplish things that break the fairness of a roleplay. For example, this may be a player assuming that every action their character makes is successful and that they’ll always accomplish what they want, when they want. Allow others the chance to act upon their own free will.

  1. Make sure to read another characters profile before roleplaying with them. At the very least you should know what the other character looks like.
  2. Powerplaying is strictly prohibited. Powerplaying is describing the actions and thoughts of another person’s character without their express permission. A character belongs its creator, not you.
  3. Please try to keep from making pure Out of Character posts in your roleplay. There are some situations where this may be acceptable (such as if you're roleplaying with a large number of people can cannot pm them all) but the Council strongly urges you to make use of private messages and visitor messages.
  4. Please keep roleplaying in one perspective. A perspective means that you are writing either in first person, using "I", "me", etc. acting as if you were your own character in the roleplay, or that you are using third person, speaking as if you were an outsider watching the two or more characters battle/role play, using “she”, “he”, “it”, “him”, “her”, etc. In 3rd person, it is more common to control more than just one character.
  5. When you wish to talk about things out of character, type "OoC" (meaning "Out of character"). Use "BiC" (Back in character) when you wish to write in character once again.
  6. Try to type at least one or two paragraphs of in-character battle/role play. While short posts are not strictly prohibited, really try to avoid writing only one or two sentences.
  7. You cannot kill any character other than your own unless you have the approval of that character's owner.
  8. While sex in the Crossroads is not strictly prohibited, you are not allowed to write graphic descriptions of any sexual act. Everything leading up to it and everything that follows is okay. You can write an entire sex scene without going into details about the mechanics. However, implied sex scenes are best, if there must be sex scenes.

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