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Re: The Illusionist (VM/PM for invite)

As Aida and the dark haired man who had pulled him from danger sprung to the side away from the carnage they just as quickly landed into safety, apparently within a hallway with one exit. Aida was just realizing what happened as they both hit the ground.

Still seemingly startled from the events that had happened so quickly, Aidas eyes couldn't focus quick enough and he was blind for a moment before his vision slowly restored itself to meet the the stranger in-front of him, still noticing the long and deadly halberd in hand, hopefully never to be used on him.

Aida began to feel more secure after realizing the mans actions in keeping him alive awhile ago. he felt obligated to send his greetings as the man spoke to him. "well that was something else" He said looking around and then back to Caragon after his small comment "I'm Aida" he replied to the gray male, inspecting him further for a moment. An awkward silence went by before Aida finally asked "so... do you know what's happened here?" the question came but Aida didn't seem to pay much attention afterward as he was studying the wall himself.
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