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Re: Tiroth's Characters

Race: Dragon. When among mortals, he usually disguises himself as a human. This profile only gives details of his abilities while in disguise; in his true form, he is significantly more powerful.

Age: Old enough to count centuries instead of years.
Apparent Age: Mid-to-late twenties.

Name: As one of the oldest dragons, he pre-dates spoken language and thus lacks a name as humans understand the term.
Known Aliases: Brann; Elf-bane; Fire; Surt; Wanderer.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Short and unruly, refusing to obey the touch of a comb, and blood-red in colour.

Eyes: So dark that you can't tell where his pupil ends and iris begins.

Weight: 152 lbs.

Height: 5'11".

Weapon: A katana-style sword with a four-foot blade. This weapon has three separate enchantments on it. 1) It cannot be broken by any means. 2) It acts as an anchor for Brann's disguise, to make it easier to maintain. 3) It eliminates the need for sleep. The latter two enchantments can be removed, while the first can only be nullified by breaking the blade (which cannot be done while the enchantment is in effect).

Armor: Brann lacks armour of any kind, but the long coat he wears is symbolic of the protection afforded him by magic. If he willingly removes it, he will forgo his more potent magical abilities and restrict himself to what a human mage is capable of.

Strengths: As a dragon that is merely pretending to be human, Brann is significantly stronger and faster than he looks. He also possesses the enhanced and varied senses of his race, as well as powerful magic honed over millenia of study and practice.

Weakness: Despite his apparent confidence with his sword, Brann doesn't have any great skill with it; he relies primarily on his speed and strength in close combat. Also, despite his great magical strength, the disguise he has adopted sharply limits his abilities. Brann cannot use much beyond fire or sky magic while his disguise is active.

Skills/Magic: Brann is a competent enough swordsman with a great deal of experience, but his real skill lies with magic. There are two main varieties of magic that he uses, as well as the enchantment that allows him to pass for human.

Fire Manipulation - This is the magic that Brann is most skilled at. He can throw fireballs, create great pillars of fire, or even suck all the heat from a particular area or target. Because of his mastery over this form of magic, Brann is also completely immune to the effects of heat- or cold-based attacks.

Sky Magic - As the youngest child of the ancient god of the Sky, Brann has inherited some measure of control over his deceased father's domain. He can cause storms, call down lightning bolts, or even calm the fiercest weather; however, unlike his fire magic, Brann is not a master of sky magic - he finds it draining and difficult to control at best, and even more so when he is in disguise.

Illusion of Humanity - This is the enchantment that gives Brann the appearance and physical presence of a human. It creates a complicated illusion that essentially fools reality into treating him as if he were human, right down to basic physical laws. Maintaining it is a significant drain on his abilities, but Brann considers it superior to a shapechange because the drawback to a shapechange is that he would actually be human. This enchantment is bound to his sword, which lessens but doesn't remove the strain of maintaining it, and so it can be dispelled by force without overcoming Brann himself; doing so would immediately return Brann to his normal draconic self. It is possible to see through this illusion using magic, but the effect of being told one thing by magic and something completely different by physics can be...uncomfortable.

Other Magics - Brann is an old dragon fathered and taught by a god, and so he is capable of using a wide variety of different magics. This is restricted to minor or incredibly time-consuming spells and enchantments while in disguise, but mortals often find the breadth of his knowledge staggering.

Appearance: Brann appears to be a tall, relatively slender human male in his mid-to-late twenties. He wears a plain black shirt and trousers that are tucked into the top of his leather boots, with a long blood-red overcoat tossed over the rest of his outfit. Because his appearance is merely an illusion, Brann lacks any distinguishing features besides his hair and eyes - but because it's a good illusion, most people do not realise this.

Personality: As an immortal dragon that has lived for millenia, Brann cares little for all but the most severe of mortal problems. He is callous towards most of those that he meets, often more interested in magical oddities than great world events, major disasters or personal tragedies - after all, why should he care when it will all be considered ancient history in a century or two? Many who meet him also consider Brann to be incredibly arrogant, and he rarely values their opinions enough to explain that his "arrogance" is fully justified. It is very rare for a mortal to impress him, except perhaps with their stupidity.

Brann is prone to taking the long view of things by mortal standards, often willing to spend decades accomplishing a goal, but he is actually among the least patient of his kind. However, like most of his race, Brann is also naturally curious about both the world around him and all things magical, and so he is often willing to set aside a lesser goal for a time in pursuit of knowledge. On the other hand, if he considers the task at hand particularly important, he will not allow anything to get in his way for long.

~ History ~

"You and your colleagues know of the three great powers who rule over the Still Earth, the Surrounding Ocean and the Fires Beneath. Some among you suspect that there is a fourth power that claims the Sky Above, even though no mage has ever proven it's existence and every claim that a mage has drawn power from it was proven a mistake or a hoax. I know that you yourself once proposed such a theory, and that you still question those who believe there is no god of the Sky. As a reward for your services to me, I will tell you this - that you are half right, and they are half wrong.

The Sky Above once lived, but no more. He died when your ancestors were still learning to fashion stone tools.

You are aware that some mortals seek to strike a deal with the Creator for some power or favour that is beyond their grasp, and that those who succeed must offer up something of great value in exchange? Good, good. Consider, then, what could possibly be beyond the grasp of the Sky Above, and what could be valuable enough to him that the Creator would accept the bargain.

In truth, it is simple enough - the Sky Above wished for true children, minds and souls independant from but similar to his own. The bodies he could spin out of the air with ease, but they would only be organic machines without the Creator's aid. So the Sky Above, the fourth great power of the world, offered the one thing of value he possessed that would not jeapordise the children he desired.

The god of the Sky sacrificed his godhood and immortality for the sake of his children. He became mortal and assumed a physical form, then spent his days teaching his eighteen children until the day he grew old and died. And as he breathed his last, the Creator came and carried him up into the heavens, where he became the first and brightest star in the sky, so that he may always watch over his children and his children's children until the world itself ceases to be.

I see that you have questions, Lorenthas, and so I will tell you two more things. The first is that the descendants of the Sky are known to you, for I was the first to hatch of his eighteen children and the Elf-bane Fire was last.

The second is a warning. I have given you knowledge that few besides my kin and the spirits of the world possess, and we prefer that it remain hidden. Do not speak of it. Do not record it. We will know, and we will not be pleased."

~ The dragon known as Time speaking to the historian Lorenthas. Lorenthas died of an unknown cause four days later.

"The masters of the sky were our friends once, brother, even though they did not always share our passions. We flew together and taught each other the secrets of magic, we studied the laws that govern the world, we laughed and played and shared our knowledge - but now this? I return home to find that Wanderer has burned a city to the ground! Brother, why has this happened? What have you done?"

~ The wind-god Althélas speaking to the war-god Morgoth at the onset of the war between dragons and the elven pantheon.

"When the dragons learned that the Lord of Battle Morgoth had killed three of their own, we thought their wrath was great. We thought they had turned their full might against us for Lord Morgoth's transgression. They burned our cities and maimed our gods, and we thought that was the price we must pay.

Such fools we were! The great wyrms were angry and betrayed, but that was as nothing compared to what is to come, for they have now seen why Lord Morgoth turned his talents aginst them. They have seen what was done with the eggs, and they...they are no longer merely angry.

Wanderer has already slain Lord Korellin, and Lord Morgoth barely escaped the battle with his life. Worse, refugees from the north bring tales of a great dragon with scales of ever-changing colours that reduced Lady Arwynna to a withered husk before killing her. Whispers tell that he is Scholar, the eldest dragon, and that his rage exceeds even that of Wanderer. I shudder at the thought of his knowledge and power turned against us.

To any who read this, I beseech you, run. Flee the cities that we have built. Abandon the towns and the villages. The dragons are at war with our gods, and I fear that even the greatest of the Pantheon cannot stand against them."

~ A letter from an unknown elven scribe that was distributed throughout elven lands during the war between dragons and the elven pantheon.

"Little is known about the elven golden age beyond what myth and legend have recorded. It supposedly lasted for over a thousand years, and was a time when a great pantheon of gods led the elven race. The accuracy of these legends is hotly debated in many circles, although the more devout followers of the Wind-God claim both that many are true and that their patron is Althélas himself, last surviving member of the great pantheon. If this latter claim is true, then the Wind-Priests would be an invaluable source of information about this time.

There is, however, far more known about the end of the elven golden age. Their great nation was destroyed in blood and fire, torn apart in a war against the dragons, who are perhaps the most powerful users of magic besides the spirits of the world. All but one of the elven leaders, who were all powerful individuals even if they weren't gods, were killed in battle, and their people were scattered across the world.

It is interesting to note that the historical end of the elven golden age coincides with a sudden and permanent increase in records of unusually powerful and unorthodox mages in different parts of the world. There are some who believe that the dragons, having just won their war against the elves, wished to keep a closer eye on the other peoples of this world..."

~ A fragment of an unfinished and untitled essay by the historian Lorenthas, discovered shortly after his death.

"I don' know about any Brann, sir, but there was a guy wi' bloody hair come through 'ere about a week back, said 'is name was Surt. I asked 'im about the 'air, I did, an' 'e said i' wa' nat'ral an' please, sir, I really don' know anymore! 'e just came an' watched me custom'rs an' then 'e left! On'y 'e didn' seem t' like th' Baron an' the Baron's castle burned down tha' night - funny, tha', we didn' think stone could - a fire mage? No, sir, I didn' know! I thought 'e was jus' a guy!"

~ An innkeeper speaking to the captain of his lord's guard. Similar scenes have occurred the world over.

"I was there when your great empire fell, little elf. I took Morgoth's arm and Korellin's head at the walls of the fortress-city Norgath. I destroyed the island of Alvéa when the conclave there tried to avenge your pantheon. I am both Wanderer and the Silent Death that reduced the Azoth plains to ash and smoke in a single day. I am an Elder Dragon, heir to the power of the Sky, and you will not stand in my way."

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