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Re: Fools' Gold

Clockwork looked angry. He was muttering to himself. His face dark and his eyes red and bloodshot. Lines of meanness formed around his mouth. Like a mad man he went straight for Allorne and slapped her across the face. The blow sent Allorne flying to the ground.

‘’Clockwork!’’ Shouted Ithil in alarm, and tried to grab him by the shoulder. He ignored her and simply shook her off with no apparent effort. She shrunk from him. ‘’The devils inside him must have taken hold.’’ She said, so quiet it was barely a whisper.

Clockwork then grabbed Allorne and shoved her against the wall, ready to strike once again. He cried out a strangled plea of help to Kenth and threw Allorne across the corridor into the pile of bones. Indecisive on whether to help the she-wolf, Kenth transformed and blasted a hole in the chamber ceiling. A falling rock from the blast struck Clockwork and rendered him unconscious.

Kenth seemed content that this had worked out to his advantage. He picked up Ithil and tucked her safely inside his arm.

‘’I guess it wasn’t as easy as I initially thought.’’ Said Ithil, shaking her head, whilst Kenth walked over to a battered Allorne and plucked her from the carcass heap. On his way through the hole, he seized the mirror and flew out into the open.

Moments later, a howl pierced the skies. Kenth instantly recognised the call and headed back towards the caves entrance. Kiel and Phantasmo appeared to be trapped by a fierce pack of ravenous wolves. Kenth landed and set Ithil and Allorne down. "Ithil, take the mirror and run!" Kenth shouted, handing over the mirror. "It's too dangerous here! Kiel and I will rejoin you later! Allorne, you can do what you want, just stay out of my way!" With that, Kenth selflessly went to aid the others.

Ithil turned to Allorne in a blind panic. ‘’We need to get out of here and fast!’’ She slung the mirror across her hind shoulder and hooked an arm through Allornes. ‘’The beach was safe enough.’’ Suggested Ithil, before breaking into a run, pulling Allorne along side with her.
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