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Re: Fools' Gold

OoC: Don't worry guys, Stormy's here with a plan to help us AND Sturgy. :3

BiC:Without warning, Clockwork began to shout angrily. Kenth remembered what he'd said about this Esphorgus character he spoke to and thought that that must be what he was yelling at now. Then, much to his shock, Clockwork's eyes turned red and he slapped Allorne across the face with his metal arm. He picked her up and was about to strike when he shouted for Kenth to protect her and then tossed her into a pile of bones.

"Me, protect her?! She insulted me too, you know!" Kenth shot back. "But since you're apparently a madman who can't seem to control whatever's in that head of yours, I must get Ithil away from you, so I may as well take miss snootypants too."

Good thing this room is big enough for me to transform, Kenth thought as he brought his hands together once more and reverted to his dragon form.

"Stand back!" he ordered in his deep dragon voice and then launched his breath into the cave's ceiling. A large enough hole for him to just barely squeeze through opened up while small chunks of rock fell from the broken ceiling. Although Kenth had not intended it, one managed to strike Clockwork in the head, causing him to collapse to the ground, likely in unconsciousness. Oh well, that just gave Kenth more time to get far away after escaping.

"Oh yeah, gotta get the mirror before that freak destroys it too," Kenth remembered. He then took Ithil in his right arm and grabbed Allorne with his tail. Then he used his free arm to pluck the mirror from its resting place and launch himself through the hole in the ceiling.

"Sorry Ithil, but that madman could have done a lot of damage back there," Kenth warned as he took to the sky.

Mere moments later, however, Kiel's familiar howl echoed through the area.

"Aw man, not now..." Kenth groaned. "We've gotta go back. Kiel's in trouble!"

With that, Kenth turned around and headed back to the cave's entrance. It wasn't long before he spotted Kiel and Phantasmo standing face to face with what appeared to be a small group of bipedal wolves coated with black fur. They had both Kiel and Phantasmo surrounded. A carcass bearing a similar appearance was on the ground near them, suggesting Kiel must have defeated one already. However, Kenth soon spotted a bloody gash on his left thigh.

"KIEL!" he called. "Don't move!"

The dragon laguz landed moments later next to the bipedal wolves and set Ithil down on the forest path and dropped Allorne behind him.

"Ithil, take the mirror and run!" Kenth blurted, handing Ithil the mirror. "It's too dangerous here! Kiel and I will rejoin you later! Allorne, you can do what you want, just stay out of my way!"

With that, Kenth charged towards the beasts who had been ready to attack once more. There were four of them in all and since they were only around half the height of Kenth's dragon form, they didn't appear to be much of a challenge for him. Kenth honestly didn't care what Phantasmo did, but Kiel seemed willing to guard him. Yeah, that's just like him despite his shyness, Kenth remembered.

With that, the dragon launched his breath attack into the wolf in front of him while Kiel lunged for another. The other two attempted to join its brother in a group attack against Kenth, only his dragon form proved to be too strong. The laguz easily knocked them away using his sharp claws and powerful tail. However, although Kenth faired easily, Kiel was still struggling. The bipedal wolf was more than twice the height of his own wolf form and tore at the wolf laguz's flesh easily while Kiel's teeth sunk into its neck.

"DAAAAGH!" Kiel bellowed as the bipedal wolf finally threw him to the ground.

Kenth had by now managed to kill the wolves he was fighting and turned around to find Kiel limp on the ground and the last bipedal wolf about to deliver a finishing blow.

"NO!" Kenth shouted and launched himself into the creature, slamming it against a tree and practically shattering all its bones. The tree itself had toppled over due to the massive impact. Kenth then whirled around to see Kiel struggling to return to his feet.

"Kiel! Are you alright?!" he cried as he returned to human form. Kiel had also reverted to back to human form as blood poured out of the slashes embedded on his side.

"Can't move..." Kiel uttered. "Too painful..."

"Damn it!" Kenth exclaimed angrily and quickly transformed once more. He had to bring Kiel to a safe place so he could be healed. He quickly threw him onto his back and grabbed Phantasmo with his tail.

"Come on, Scaredy Wizard. I doubt you want to stay out here."

Kenth had to find Ithil to make sure she was safe, and fast...

OoC: Y'all don't mind this, do you? If so, I'll change it. xP
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