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Re: Fools' Gold

OOC: Woah. Where'd you guys all come from?

IC: Ithil erupted with laughter. It was beyond hilarious to listen to all the taunts and bickering going on between the others. Never had she met such a fickle bunch. Allorne for one, sure liked to stir up a fuss. And Clockwork and Kenth persisted on rising to it.

Her sides ached from laughing so hard and she clutched at them, hand over her mouth in a bid to stifle the sound.

Allorne spoke. Desperately trying to focus on what was being said; Ithil tried to calm herself down. Breathing in deeply, and then slowly out she replied. ‘’Aye, well. Whatever plan you have Allorne, it’s more of a team effort! Useless or not.’’ She grinned and shot Allorne a wink.

The door opened. Ithil's expression, suddenly serious and concerned.

‘’The wizard will have to catch up. We’ll not wait for him any longer.’’ She whispered. Wiping away her tears on her sleeve, she followed behind Allorne and Kenth who lead the way. The corridor was dark and narrow and at the end of it was a magnificently lit chamber.

She threw the torch to the ground and pulled out her bow and two arrows from the quiver strapped to her shoulder. Kenth indicated the mirror ahead. It was indeed beautiful. The frame was plated in gold and twisted in an unusual, intricate design.

‘’May I, Clockwork?’’ She asked, glancing sideways to him.

OOC: One last epic fight? Was thinking of having some kind of ‘mother’ bird inside and perhaps a few smaller ones.

Or shall we just wrap this up instead? :3
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