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Re: Fools' Gold

As Phantosmo suddenly ran off, I turned around and raised his hand, first slowing down the time around the magician, then turned it backwards so that he ran back to where he stood earlier. Unfortunately, however, I wound the time too far back and he jumped onto Kenth, throwing him to the ground.

"Sorry, my mistake." I said as I forwarded time for a few seconds to get Phantosmo off Kenth. "Okay, let's go then. But as I suggested earlier, you might want to wear earplugs if you have any. You see, one of my skills is driving people mad, and each person reacts differently. Some faint, others start bleeding out of their ears and noses, others dance around like madmen. If you don't have any I think I might have something."

There was a beehive a few meters up in a tree, and it's wax would work perfectly well. I raised my hands and fired ten razor sharp timepieces at it, cutting it into small pieces that I slowed down as the fell to the floor. I then summoned the bronze clock and blasted the entire thing against the tree, making a mess of dead bees, bee's wax and honey that was smeared all over it. I walked up to the mess I had created and took some with my finger, dissipated my helm quickly and put my finger in my mouth, before letting it reappear.

"This is perfect." I said, but noticed the look on their faces. "It's honey dead bees and bee's wax. Why should I let something perfectly edible go to waste? In some countries that I've been to, something like this could sell for quite some money."
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