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Re: The Artists Café! - You can do anything you want and it's always going to look good

Originally Posted by Vynrah View Post
I don't think you're being serious
but I hate this notion.

I hate the idea that you can be better at art because people in your family are...sure if you grow up around art your entire life and are encouraged to try it at an early age, you might be better than someone who hasn't, but I think everyone can attain the skills that most artists use and be truly good.

I HATE when people say they aren't "talented" enough or "oh, you're so talented"...anyone can be good art rendering things, you just have to practice.
Uh, I was serious, but I did not mean it this way at all. I meant that either the Osus Brothers' family is either gifted with natural art skills or their parents were professional artists that began teaching them at an early age, thus passing on the skills to the next generation.
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