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Re: [ZUBC] Podcast Feedback Thread 2011! Feedback SUCKS! (And Liah loves Mike ^__^)

Originally Posted by Oodles of Noodles View Post
I enjoyed the podcast. I definitely think that Liah's segment was hilarious, and I really did enjoy the profiling from EzloSpirit. The feedback segment wasn't that good, and neither was the feedback given really that good. I really did enjoy the first podcast of the year, and I also thought that Cody's segment was informative, and I learned a few new things about the 3DS. Also, congrats to Fcgfyv for being in the first podcast of 2011.
Ayo, I missed this feedback. Hi! Aw, glad you enjoyed comm. news, man, that's encouraging to hear (: <333 I'm happy it's not a regular thing for me to record, though, 'cause I dun think I have that kinda energy lol. Glad you seemed to enjoy it in general, too, minus feedback (which was actually one of my fave feedbacks to date xD). Always appreciate your thoughts.

Also -- quiz show and side RT-type stuff, hm? 'kk noted.
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