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Re: [ZUBC] Podcast Feedback Thread 2011! Feedback SUCKS! (And Liah loves Mike ^__^)

@ Phantomlinebeck: Hi! Nice to see some love for Eric's segment (: and you seem more like a Zelda-orientated listener, which is kewl 'cause a lot of the time feedback on the forums leans toward the community side of things. Thank you kindly for listening to us (:

@SFSniper: y helo thar. Kinda yes, kinda no @ impersonating Rosco! Like, I kept it in the same structure he'd read out his news and kept it surly 'cause that's how I gather most people are used to hearing the comm news, but all the material written is usually how I write the news to start with 'cause I tend to be a tiiiiiiiiny bit trollish :33 (JUST A BIT in B4 LOL BS LIAH). Dun worry about Eric's segment--he's going in a different direction with his work this year, so ya, he'll shake stuff up some. All in all, glad you enjoyed it!

and don't worry, I just went out and broke my back while peeing in my pants while killing a person (all for you of course) which makes me a true ZUBC fan
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