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Re: [ZUBC] Podcast Feedback Thread 2011! Feedback SUCKS! (And Liah loves Mike ^__^)

Nice podcast. i loved the Znews, but maybe too much nintendo instead of Zelda.

The EzloSpirit segment was great with the guest. I think the best ocarina-song is song of storms.

Hombre de mundo's segment was ok. about nintendo sending information about the 3DS and OoT 3DS, i think thay should send some information often instead of sending everything at the time. in pokemon black and white, when they send information, they send everything at the end, and then i didn't get everything, so i'm not going to buy it. so they shouldn't give everything at the end because maybe someone don't get the information that make them buy them.

That is what i have to say

From the dead treasure-hunter PhantomLinebeck!
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