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Re: Pizza, anyone? (insaney)

A few days later, Aurora bustled about her quarters, tidying up and getting ready for her visitors. She put a big flower arrangement on the mantlepiece, roses, lilies and mums in bright oranges, yellows and purples. She stoked the fire and dusted the knickknacks and bookshelves. It felt good to her to do her own cleaning, even if the place didn't really need it with the Domerii usually keeping house.

She considered making the dough before they arrived, but thought Chanson would want to help with the prep, so she didn't. But she did make iced tea with some peppermint and set out a bottle of red wine to breathe, not sure of the tastes of whatever guest the little ghost decided to bring. She guessed if Chanson brought Leonna the choice would be tea, but anyone else was a mystery, and Aurora doubted the fey girl would be eager to spend the evening in such a situation, whether Aurora had somehow offended her upon their meeting in the teashop or not.

Aurora was just wiping down the counter of her kitchen island after setting out the ingredients for dough when there was a knock on the door.
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