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Re: The Overture (Ry-san)

The force of the blow knocked Zorlo to the ground and he continued to slide forwards on his back after the force of the blow. Pain filled his entire body as it began to recover as he shifted his eyes towards her. "Wow..." he said, laying on the ground. That was all he could say as he laid flat on his back. Maybe if he didn't move, she wouldn't notice... minus the word he had just spoken. For now, it was time to not talk... at all, and think quietly.

Even though she made a good point, what did she know about the limits of his new body? Even Zorlo didn't know them, but he had a strong inclination that his serious bodily damaged from his fight with Cadenza had given him signs of complete destruction. If his body couldn't withstand the powers Cadenza was using, how in the world could he withstand the powers above what he had seen. For Christ's sake, his body had began to deteriorate when he made it over about seventy-percent of his power. Still... the Aura Master wasn't sure what to do next.

A powerful surge of aura from the palms of his hand pushed the green haired man to his feet as he shifted and looked at the woman. The fencer was quiet for a moment as his aura changed into an electrical form as it began to surge from him. Holding his hand out, the Aura Master unleashed a flurry of bolts of lightning at the woman, intent on seeing just what his powers could do.
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