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Re: Pizza, anyone? (insaney)

Leonna was nowhere to be found; probably off on some personal errand or something. Sometimes she'd leave and not be back for days; sometimes she took Chanson with her, other times not.

The creaking of the old iron gate outside the manse was unmistakable. Chanson quickly floated over to the door and opened it, just before the strange man could knock. He quickly and courteously offered her an envelope. She did a suspicious once-over glance at him before taking it, and then another right before opening it.

She read the words over. Aurora inviting her and a friend for... pizza? The Dome? She had been there once, but she hardly knew anything about the place, much less how to get around and where Aurora stayed.

Maybe Aurora would come pick her up? She'd like to see her again.

Chanson looked up at the Domeri and nodded, but she wondered if that would be enough for him to understand. 'Go back to Aurora and tell her yes'. Maybe he could read minds... Nah. Too much, she thought. She disappeared and reappeared in the wink of an eye, handing the Domeri an envelope with the words 'To: Aurora' written on it, while the paper inside simply said 'I'd love to come.'

Now for the question of her friend. Leonna was well out of her reach--and even if she were close by, she remembered what happened at the tea house. Maybe she could drag Rain along... well, it's the only other friend she knows...
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