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Re: The Overture (Ry-san)

Zorlo had considered answering her, but the shock of the strange things she was saying slowly rolled off when he realized she'd probably read his mind. No sense in worrying about it. If she can read my mind... more power to her. If I find out she is... I can use it to... no, she's too smart to fall for something so crude and basic. Well, this certainly is a pickle.

Zorlo shrugged as he looked at her and removed his other hand from his pocket as he created a second sword. "Don't worry, to this day, I've only met two or three people who were strong enough here to startle me. Today, I've met someone more terrifying than any of the three of those people." The fencer swung his swords to the side quickly as he got a feel back for the weapons as he shifted backwards again.

"So when you get done, if they aren't terrified of you, then you didn't try hard enough," the Aura Master said with a nervous chuckle. He knew that, if she really wanted to defeat him, she could simply do something that could probably shatter his mind and leave him a drooling mess. Still, that wouldn't be very entertaining. For now, he'd get a feel back for actually fighting in the material world.

And with that, a motion blur was left where Zorlo had been standing as he bore down one sword towards this mysterious woman with the best slash he could manage.
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