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Re: Wisp Quill's Character List

Name: Azura Tolsen
Nickname /Alias: Blue, Fairy - father only.

Occupation: Apprentice Sword-smith - serving under her father at his smithy, Wanderer otherwise, or mercenary - whichever fits an area best.

Age | Birthdate: 16 | April 4th.
Apparent Age: 14 - 15

Gender: Female

Race: Human
Sub-Race: Aura Master

Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 129 lbs

Eye Color: A slate blue color starts on the outside, then gradually fades into a dark blue as the color heads to her pupils.
Hair Color/Style: Azura wears her hair with it parted down the middle, it falls to her chin, then stops. It starts as a sky blue and shifts into a cerulean blue, going down from her part to the tips. The cerulean blue starts about a inch from the end of her hair.

Charms: There are three silver metal charms in her hair, hanging from a gray leather strip, woven into her hair. There is silver thread forming an X in it, the strip of leather is three inches long, and it ends at the start of her cerulean blue tips. They are in the shapes of leaves, two are next to each other on her right side, and the last one is on her left. The two on her right are staggered; one is positioned lower than the other. These two tend to hit each other when she moves, since they are on the same band. The charms are normally two inches away from the sides of her face on both sides.

General Appearance: Azura has a healthy completion, going a faint tan from her daily training now, and smithing. Her face is ovaled, her cheeks barely showing along the bottom. From her mother's side, she has a small rounded nose, and thin lips. Ears are always keeping a part of her hair back, forever flat against her head.

She seems on the slim side, but has muscle hiding under her frame, but it barely shows under her long sleeved, blue shirts and gray jeans. Azura traded in her sneakers for a pair of leather boots, in a grayed leather, given to her by another smith, Jakr.

, by Chibi

Weapon(s): Her father gave her a knife for her protection. The steel blade is five inches long and an inch and a half wide, the rectangular hand guard is three inches long and an inch wide. The handle is wrapped in dark brown leather and is three inches long, it ends in a half metal sphere with a rough leaf carved in it.

Waterfallís Guidance: The whole staff looks like a snake, bending slightly all over. Itís five feet long, with thin vines carved into the dark brown wood, which go almost the entire length of the staff. The whole staff has a rough texture from the bark. There is one large spiral, which spans four inches long from the bottom. The staff's width is two inches long in diameter, before tapering slowly to the tip.

The slate blue colored leather is wound around the center of the staff, the whole thing is about six inches long, wide enough for her to hold the staff in both hands from the leather band. There are four leaves hanging from thin branches at the top of the staff, staggered, while forming a square if viewed from the top of the staff. The leaves are level with the one on the other side, while the next two are two inches lower on the staff.

The vine carvings glow a light sapphire when Azura holds it, but changes to a normal sapphire when she is using her aura skills. The staff mainly makes it easier for her to use her aura skills, since it is charged to her aura itself. It is also hard to break or cut when Azura is holding onto it.

It is held onto her back by a band of leather, which a vine on the back moves automatically to grab the staff when Azuraís not using it.

Aura: Aura: Her aura is sapphire blue, with leaves spinning around her. The leaves form a column around her a bit taller than Azura's height. There are two sapphire blue vines coiled around both arms, one on each. Thick tree roots can spread from her feet when using earth attacks, same color as the rest of her aura.

Her aura's elemental alignment; Nature and Earth.

Armor: Azura wears a pair of light gray-brown leather gauntlets. Her fingers and thumbs are uncovered starting from the first joint and moving up to the tips. It covers the top of her hand, wrist and arm, up to her elbow. The leather that makes up her gauntlets is a combination between soft and hardened leather. Itís held on by two leather straps, one which starts about half an inch from her wrist, while the second is an inch away from her elbow. The two bands are about three inches apart from each other.

As of Hell Knight Rising; Azura has added a chest-piece and greaves of the same leather (thicker around the chest and back). The chest is made up of two panels, connected at the shoulders, with two straps along the sides - below her elbow, and at her waist. The greaves are tied tight to her legs, covering from knee to near ankle. All leather was made from a fellow smith - Jak'r in Iron Leaf.

Carried Possessions: Besides the weapons and armor, she carries a bag with travelling provisions; clothing, food, and a book or two. Azura also makes sure to carry a whetstone to sharpen her knife.

Aura Skills:

Shroud: Azura outstretches her arm towards the opponent, and a blue circle flashes around the target. A short while later, dark blue vines spring out and cover the enemy in a net. Designed to block the targetís vision and movement for a short time. The vines can be broken with enough force or by using a fire based attack.

Elder Wall: She raises her arms in a defensive X manner and three to six blue oak trees appear in either a circle around her, or in a line in front of her. Protects her from projectiles and physical attacks. Disappears quickly, but she can force them to stay. Can be destroyed if enough force is used on one tree, which causes all of them to disappear.

Leaf Dagger: Azura swipes the air horizontally with her arm. Up to eight light blue leaves appear around her, then fly out in front of her in a straight line. The leaves are scattered and fly in a slight curve. They can only cut whatever is in front of them. This attack is easily dodged by ducking or jumping away from them, or destroyed by using a fire attack.

Thorn Edge: Azura focuses a bit, and is able to form a blade of aura around an object she's holding, mostly used with a branch or her knife. She can make a sword blade, a scythe, or a spearhead.

Earth Manipulation - Azura can focus her aura to move the earth around her, most of the attacks have sapphire blue vines running around them to show that sheís moving the earth. It mostly involves her pulling up walls of earth to defend herself, but she can push them away to attack with. Azura also is able to trap an opponent in a coil of earth, but isnít able to keep a hold of a strong struggling opponent. The more distance from her to the earth object she wants to use, the more strain it puts on her. She can also drain herself of energy from using the earth too much.

Healing - Azura is able to heal wounds, mostly shows itself as a sapphire blue vine that wraps around the injury. She can use this in battle, but it is severely slow. It can speed up after a fight, but mainly reduces the wound(s) to a visible scar if minor. If more severe, it may heal it to a smaller wound, which would take more energy to heal.

Aura Vortex, usually shortened to Aur-Vo - Normally it causes pieces of earth to spin around Azura as if in a tornado, but she can have the earth shards explode, denting armor and causing more injuries instead of bruises.

Cutter - Summons an aura cresent, running horizontally out from a weapon, or the Aura Master's arm. The aura blade doesn't cause cutting damage, but can make armor, or other objects resonate on hit. It strikes with blunt damamge to a body, regardless of anything blocking it.

Battle Strengths: Elemental; Strong against earth, ice, and electricity. Agile, especially in forests. Knows how to fight with her aura now.
Battle Weaknesses: Elemental; fire, wind and water magicks. Still lightweight, and can be tossed around easily. Still wary around fire, but knows she can stop it.

Other:Azura's strong against aura-based magicks, but others can hurt her better.

Personality: At first Azura seemse to be a tad shy, but it usually goes away after a while. Trust however can take a while longer though. In a fight Azura goes cautious, and defensive for most of it. She's naturally caring around others too, even desite her shyness.

Likes: Friends, getting stronger
Dislikes: Odd stares - mostly towards her hair. Death and blood. Inabbility to do anything.
Fears: Witnessing an ally's death, fire, needlessly killing/becoming a murderer.
Virtues: Caring, kind, defender
Vices: Slightly naive, stubborn

History: Azura has constantly been in training since leaving the Dome, having taught under the previous Aura Master, Zorlo. Waterfall Elder had assisted her in her nine month training as well, teaching her about her abilites and aura the best the nature god could. The teen found out a lot about her aura, and even started to develop her own skills in nature and earth manipulation.

The Aura Master has even became an apprentice sword-smith under her father's tutelage. However, his teachings have been rare, according to his own when he was starting out as well. "To help you understand everything, you must repeat it, constantly. Only once mastered, can you move on."

The blue haired girl has stayed around her hometown, assisting whenever she could, even with the local police force, in the night watch. The months seemed to flow into one after a while, with most free time being spent on harnessing her aura, or doing anything else but resting. A major accomplishment occured as she was training her aura's limit; one of the town's priests - a Father Maloric, witnessed her full aura.

Instead of being alarmed, or concerned, he merely observed her until she regained her focus on reality and noticed him. "Oh... I'm sorry, father. Are you all right?"

"Yes, dear. I'm fine. However, I didn't know you had that gift."

"You mean my aura? I can understand, I don't like trying to explain it, as I don't know everything yet..."

"No need to, Azura. You seem to just... resonate, much like Waterfall Elder."

The teen nodded as her aura still was visible during the discussion, its summoning near second nature to her now. "I know that... he is actually helping me learn, if I have to confess."

"Really? Knowing our gods showings among us, this may seem taken wrong... but I doubt Waterfall Elder would mind having you as his avatar."

"Avatar?" Azura's aura fluttered down to just sapphire leaves spinning on the wind.

"Yes, a more... physical variation of the god of nature. One that can show his actions through their self. The gods are limited in various ways, so the avatar can somewhat extend the god's reach... not in a territorial nor conquering method... but out of respect for said god."

She merely nodded, "I understand, father. It does make sense like that."

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