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Re: Twilight Tea (The new IC Thread, open to all!)

Now that was a fancy scythe. Zyler himself had studied swordsmanship and was quite proficient at it. He sometimes lacked grace or other such boring techniques, but he had picked and chose the more useful stuff. He was a bit unbalanced, with some speedy techniques, and others just for power, but this made him a bit unpredictable. And then he could always throw a bit of lightening around if his sword play wasn't enough, but he wasn't counting on using that here.

The auburn haired fair lady took a defensive stance, and Zyler made his move. "Have at you!" He called as he leapt forward, slashing down at her diagonally, an easy enough move to block. He proceeded with a few quick sweeping moves from different angles towards her middle, along with a few jabs with the scimitars point. None of these moves were particularly intended to mortally wound her. Already Zyler could feel the strange draw of her scythe.
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