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[ZUBC] The Complete ZU Podcast List!

(Latest Update: February 23, 2013 - POST-SERVER CRASH RECOVERY: All links to episodes' main site post are currently broken except for Episode 37's. Please copy the posts' titles as provided and use Google's cached pages until we can restore the posts.)

In autumn of 2010, our main site's beloved "Podcast Archive," which was really just a filter that displayed only posts in the now-deprecated "Podcast" category, was utterly destroyed when a single letter, an "s," was added to the end of the category name, and the main site's UI was changed.

So in November of that year, I decided that I would put an end to this injustice: I made a comprehensive list of every ZUCast episode and side-release ever released (release release released release)! (It took me about an hour to do.) And I have never stopped supporting it! (Yeah, I am that awesome.)

While I've been trying to get a link to this thread posted on the main site for two years now, alas, it remains semi-elusive, tucked away in the stickied depths of the Community Central forum. So if you or someone you love finds him-/herself lost and without hope old episodes of the ZUCast, please direct him/her here!




ATTENTION: In the wake of the Great Valentine's Day Server Crash, I have discovered that all of the complete main site posts other than that of Episode 37 are completely inaccessible by normal means. All links to podcast files that were functional just before the crash are still technically functional within Google's cached versions of the posts. (However, you will need to copy and paste them into your address bar and remove "" from the URL.) If you need help accessing cached pages on Google, feel free to ask me. This will be a temporary access method; we will work to restore the main site posts to functionality as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Generation I: "It's All about the Community!" (2008)

1. ZCast - February 2008

2. ZCast - March/April 2008

3. ZUCast - May/June 2008

3.5. Welcome, one and all... to the New ZU! (June 2008, Mini-Cast)

X1. An Interview with Cameron Banga

X2. The 2008 Zelda Universe Webmaster Debates

X3. Interview With ZU's Designer, Anton Wiklund

4. Podcast Relaunch! CCast Christmas Special is here! (December 2008)
The main site post has vanished! So in order to preserve the existence of this episode, I have uploaded my own copy to my own ZUBC Dropbox account so that you have access to it! Just click here.

Generation II: "Swords, Shields, and Stairs!" (2009-2011)

5.We're Back Baby! (May 2009)

6. The June ZUCast: Now with E3 flavor! (June 2009)

7. Oktobercast (October 2009)

X4. Interview with Sandeep Parikh and Tony Janning

8. Podcast Version November (November 2009)

9. A Zelda Universe Christmas Carol (December 2009, Christmas Special)

10. January 2010 ZU Podcast

11. ZU Podcast: Valentines Day Edition (February 2010)

12. ZU Podcast Version March 2010

13. ZU Podcast Version April 2010

14. Liah and Cody's Podcast Adventure (May 2010)

15. It's Like We Never Left... (June 2010 #1)

16. ZU Podcast: Skyward Sword Edition (June 2010 #2)

17. ZU Podcast: Dedicated to a Fallen Friend (July 2010 #1)

18. ZUCast: Egos, Drama and Aquaman Edition (July 2010 #2)

19. ZUCast: It's Too Dang Hot to be on Time! (August 2010 #1)

20. ZUCast: Anti-Profanity and Tingle Edition (August 2010 #2)
ZUCast: Anti-Profanity and Tingle Edition on YouTube

21. ZUCast: Now With More Cowbell (September 2010 #1)

22. ZUCast: End of September Podcast (September 2010 #2)

23. Oktobercast! (October 2010 #1)

24. ZUCast: Halloween Edition (October 2010 #2)

25. ZUCast: Guaranteed Rant-Free, or Your Money Back! (November 2010 #1)

26. ZUCast: Shrinks, Rants and Anime_Queen (November 2010 #2)

27. ZUCast: The Good, The Bad, and a Very Merry Christmas to You! (December 2010, Christmas Special)

28. ZUCast: Podcasting in the New Year! (January 2011)

29. ZUCast: Happy (late) Birthdays Everywhere! (February 2011, ZU 10th Anniversary Special)

X5. Zelda 25th Anniversary Roundtable

30. ZUCast: Back for March (March 2011)

31. ZUCast: New Consoles, Music and Slightly Late! (April 2011)

32. ZUCast: E3, Rumors and Majora's Mask (May 2011)

X6. MP3 of the orchestrated Zelda Nintendo opening (Note: this is only on this list because it is available as part of the podcast feed)
The main site post is fine. However, the file link itself is broken! So here's a link to the file which I uploaded myself. You're welcome!

X7. Leaked Ocarina 3D Hyrule Field theme in high quality (Note: this is only on this list because it is available as part of the podcast feed)
As with the release immediately above, the main site post for this is fine, but the file link is broken. I refuse to upload a copy of this, however, because the "leaked music" was fake. And I don't like that. So go beg someone else for a copy!

33. ZUCast Episode 32: 25 Years of Music and Return of the Taco Show! (June/July 2011) We got the number wrong! It should've been 33. lol

34. ZUCast Episode 34: Operation Moonfall, Vegeta and Invisible Soldiers (August 2011)

35. ZUCast Episode 35: Super-Super-Late WHOOPS (September/October 2011)

36. ZUCast Episode 36: Skyward Sword! (November 2011)

X8. ZUCast: Skyward Sword Discussion! WARNING: contains heavy spoilers!!!

X9. ZUcast: A year in Zelda thus far

Generation III: "Dawn of a New Day!" (2012-present)

37. The Zelda Universe Podcast Returns! (Reboot - January 2013)

38. [coming in February!]


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