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Re: A Birthday Wish [Tiroth]

Ilyena felt it before she heard it - a whisper on the wind, the slightest reaction from the trees of the forest, animals briefly turning quiet or directing their attention towards the same spot...all signs that the woman from the door was pursuing her. That she had accepted the terms of the unicorn hunt.

Ilyena hoped very much that this woman would not be one of those who quit the chase before it was over. She did plan on granting the human's request, after all.

A moment later, the unicorn's ears swivelled towards the sound of her pursuer's approach. It was incredibly faint to the point of almost being silent, but almost was not enough to fool the senses of any being as steeped in ancient magics as a unicorn.

Still, the human woman possessed magic of her own, and so it would not do to simply give her a clear run so early in the game. Ilyena bade one of the trees to bar the woman's path, and it performed the supposedly impossible feat - except the woman had chosen that moment to leap above the ground and begin travelling in the trees themselves, and so the barrier failed to impede her.

Ilyena looked up from the river, surprised that this woman had known to leap just then - or had it been luck? A rising flock of birds would have given away her position even if Ilyena had not been able to sense the woman, and so the unicorn decided to test the idea. If it was not simple luck...

Of course, from the sudden string of curses carried on the light breeze, it evidently was simple luck.

Ilyena snickered and trotted over to where the woman hung from one arm.

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