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Name: Joel
Nickname /Alias: Mr. Joel
Occupation: Fish Merchant/retired sailor/pirate
Age: 65
Apparent Age: 60
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Bald head, small gray beard

General Appearance: He is not often seen without his scarlet red bandanna wrapped around his shiny bald head. His skin is a dark almost permanent tan from all the adventures and times he spent in the sun for most of his life. His skin is leathery and worn from a life spent mostly at sea. His hands and feet have rough callous upon them from much use. He has a limp, for he his missing some of his right leg from just below the knee and down. A peg leg supports the rest of his right leg now. His blue eyes are sharp, cautious, but wise.

Personality: Joel comes off mostly as a gruff old man. He speaks casually and even a little harshly at times, but mostly just because he is a blunt person who doesn't normally like to beat around the bush about things. Yet he is rather intelligent, wise, as well as an very understanding individual. He had lived much and seen much during his life. His views are definitely not black or white.

But he's generally quiet and doesn't say much usually unless he is spoken to. He's a kind person who likes to help people as much as he can. Joel can't really turn away a person in need. He will do everything in his power for them, even if it doesn't help their major problem exactly. He will at least give them kindness and counsel.

History: His life before he became a fish merchant is rather a mystery to those who know him. Though rumors around abound that he had once been a pirate of the ship Morning Star, captained by the Jade of the Sea. They were not particularly violent pirates, in that they didn't pillage or plunder innocent towns or sea ports. Those who had been aboard the Morning Star were simply those who had a great thirst for adventure and a taste for the sea and the salty breeze. Perhaps it was among the adventures with this kind of crew that he lost his leg. Joel tells anyone who asks that it was the krakken that took it. Most don't believe him.

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