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Re: The Character Directory

Main Characters


A half-breed Angel of the Seraphim caste, Balthazar radiates strength, honour, and courage.

- Balthazar's Training - (Dome training - archived)
- Hearts of Ice (dead)
- Call For All Eternity (dead)
- The Gardens: the IC thread (non-canon appearance)
- All Saints Day (dead)
- Underpass (current)
- A Pleasant Interlude (current)
- The Bakalche Tree (current)
- Voice of an Angel (character fiction) (current)
- Death Games (Tournament) - Round: 1, 2, 3

- The Hercules Award (Most Physically Strong Character) Jan 2011
- The Protagonist Award (Best Hero) Jan 2011
- Always Save The Girl (Most Heroic Moment) July 2013
- Did That Really Just Happen? (Most Unbelievably Awesome Scene) July 2013
- Punching Out Cthulhu (Best Boss Fight Against Beast/Villain) July 2013


Cey is a childlike being of purity and innocence, yet a dark force lies within him beyond his control...

- Ceyrnan's History (character fiction)
- Fighting Them Off? (complete)
- Twilight Tea: the IC thread (past appearance)
- Very Merry Fairy Daycare (current)
- On the Banks of the River Styx (current)

Luca Mercury

Master thief and rogue, Mercury is a pacifist with a thing for the ladies.

- Habile Voleur (dead)
- This Is Odd (dead)
- The Tale of Vespairia (dead)
- The Lamp of Jinn (current)
- The Book of Prophecies (current)
- One Dark Night [Wyrsin Act 1] (current)


A demi-god of the Atlantean Pantheon, Marissa now divides her time between fast-food, partying, and hunting for excitement.

- In Over His Head (current)
- The Captain's Orders (current)
- Road From Atlantis (current)

- So Good I Read The Whole Thing (Best RP Overall) July 2013 [In Over His Head]

Jerik Sanguine

Psychotic and insane, Sanguine is a merciless serial killer. He makes his victims scream for death, and he always delivers.

- Critical Eye (complete)
- Twilight Tea: the IC thread (past appearance)
- Bleed Like Me [PG13] (current)

- Splatterfest Award (Goriest Scene) July 2013
- Soul Rape (Darkest RP) July 2013

Lucian Cervus (Prydden)

Mastermind of the Prydden bad guys, Lucian is a genius who combines willpower, pure intellect, and magic to accomplish his goals.

- [Prydden] Bad Side - Meeting Thread (discontinued)
- [Prydden] Oath of a Dragon (discontinued)
- [Prydden] A Fealty Forged of Fire (discontinued)


A 'living' android charged with travelling through space and contacting new races, Orion suddenly finds himself stranded on a distant alien world, where many adventures await...

- Star Light, Star Bright (dead)
- Spare Parts and Scrap Metal (current)
- Hammer Time (current)


One of the last remaining Dragons of olde, Nar roams the worlds and skies as he pleases.

- Terra Incognita (dead)
- Humans and Dragons (current)

Anaria Conrad

A gunslinger of Gilead, Anaria is one of the last of her kind. She now wanders with guns at her side, walking the path of ka, searching for a quest.

- Seven Demons Saga: The First (complete)

The Chorie Clan

An entire clan of the infamous Nac Mac Feegle, the Chorie Clan live only to fight, steal, drink,, fight some more.

- Riches, Redheads, and Ridiculously Incompetent Wizards in the Haunted House (current)

- He Said What?! (Best/Most Interesting Conversation) July 2013
- Chicken Soup for the Soul (Most Light-Hearted RP) July 2013


A creature spawned from the clash of two magics. Fresh from creation, this being's future is not yet certain.

- Growth (character fiction) (current)


Bound by two rings of powerful magic, Dynythine is an ancient spirit forced into the servitude of others. Without a body of his own, he must possess the bodies of other creatures to survive; he currently holds the form of a polecat.

- Master and Servant (current)

Gorp Joltgrung

Meet Gorp Joltgrung, the gentle giant. Unlike other Mrogs, who enjoy smashing things, eating other things alive, and fighting, Gorp only wants to make friends. Beware, his grasp of the Common tongue is quite limited.

- Nice Meet You, Here Flower (current)

- The Stork’s Dilemma Award (Best Character Name) (Tied) March 2014

The Black Nicodemagon

The Black Nicodemagon and its crew of Gnomes charter the skies and journey over the lands seeking adventure, riches, and more. Join them on their quest for glory!



Head Keeper of the Gardens of the Dome.

- The Gardens: the IC thread


A wooden board.

- Twilight Tea: the IC thread

Dog (Floyd)

Stoic and solitary, Dog (now named 'Floyd') ignores just about anyone. How will he respond to his new Angelic owner, Damien?

- In Over His Head
- Heathens, Heroes & Hellfire
- Renovation

Leolin Paratis (Prydden)

Loyal assistant to Lucian Cervus, Big Bad of the Prydden bad guys.

- [Prydden] Bad Side - Meeting Thread

The Trinity of Oracles

A group of three powerful seers, they do the bidding of the mysterious entity known as the Omen.

- Humans and Dragons

Androids and Constructs

A list of all androids, constructs, AI and otherwise used in the storylines involving Orion.


Meet Bob, owner of the Magical Moving Menagerie! Here you will find creatures great and small, lethal and harmless - everything from common animals to mythological creatures. Come one, come all, and see what you can find in the Magical Moving Menagerie!!

- Thrown to the Wolves


Binah is a mysterious and innocent young girl with an affinity for animals and trees. Will more be revealed in time?

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